Animal Id and Traceability

NSW Farmers frustrated at delay in electronic ear tag project

DELAYED completion of a national electronic sheep and goat ear tag procurement project is holding up the finalisation of tag prices for New South Wales producers, according to NSW Farmers Sheepmeat Committee chair vice-chair Floyd Legge…Read More

Terry Sim, August 2, 2023

NSW opens rebates for electronic sheep and goat hardware

APPLICATIONS have opened for saleyards and processors to apply for part of New South Wales’ $38 million sheep and goat electronic infrastructure rebate scheme…Read More

Sheep Central, August 2, 2023

SA sheep and goat producers delay EID equipment purchases

SOUTH Australian sheep producers are delaying purchasing electronic identification equipment due the State Government’s failure to release guidelines for a rebate scheme announced almost two months ago…Read More

Terry Sim, July 28, 2023

Pressure mounting for national sheep/goat EID cost agreement

PRESSURE is mounting on Australia’s federal and state governments to finalise a cost-sharing arrangement for a national mandatory sheep and goat electronic identification system after financial commitments by at least two state governments…Read More

Terry Sim, January 16, 2023

Processors to pursue hard 2027 deadline on EID sheep tags

AUSTRALIA’S meat processors will continue to lobby industry regulators to enforce a hard 2027 deadline for national implementation of mandatory electronic identification of sheep and managed goats…Read More

Terry Sim, January 13, 2023

NSW saleyards and processors first to get sheep EID grants

NSW Farmers has reiterated its requirement for equitable financial support for farmers as part of proposed national sheep and goat electronic identification reform…Read More

Sheep Central, January 13, 2023

NSW Government, farmers and processors move on sheep EID

NEW South Wales’ State Government and its farmers have agreed all sheep and farmed goats born after 1 January 2025 will require an electronic tag before leaving a property, as processors call for visual National Livestock Identification System tags to to be phased out after that date…Read More

Terry Sim, December 15, 2022

Put your electronic sheep tags in now or later – who knows?

A RECENT development in all states’ commitment to mandatory electronic identification of sheep and farmed goats indicates there might be benefits in producers outside Victoria putting in EID tags in..Read More

Terry Sim, December 14, 2022

National sheep EID tag changes might need approvals

LEADING tag manufacturers are persisting with calls for a re-think of the electronic identification ear tagging of sheep and farmed goats in Australia as states move to mandate a national EID system…Read More

Terry Sim, December 12, 2022

New eNVD app could include non-mulesed declarations

A NEW eNVD app launched in Queensland this week will have the potential to incorporate additional pain relief treatment and mulesed/non-mulesed declarations, Meat & Livestock Australia’s subsidiary, Integrity Systems Company said…Read More

Sheep Central, December 2, 2022

Processors want all sheep and farmed goats sold with EID by 2025

AUSTRALIA’S meat processors want all sheep, lambs and farm goats leaving properties to a new location on and after 1 January 2025 to have an electronic tag…Read More

Terry Sim, November 25, 2022

Stock agent and producers guilty of cattle offences

A GIPPSLAND livestock agent and cattle producer has been convicted and fined more than $20,000 for actions that had the potential to undermine Victoria’s livestock traceability system…Read More

Sheep Central, March 22, 2022

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