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These summaries will quickly become a handy nationwide reference-point for grazing land property sales results and upcoming properties for sale. It is designed to help investors, buyers, vendors and those simply interested in watching the grazing property market keep up with developments.


Weekly property review: Is carbon potential coming into buyer calculations?

The market for grazing properties that include potential or existing carbon projects is seen as relatively immature due to few transactions and limited transparency. This week’s property review examines whether it is a matter of time before capturing carbon is added to the value of Australian grazing land…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, September 23, 2022

Property: Sheep grazing operations feature in latest sales

THIS week’s property review includes a wrap up of recently completed sales and passed-in properties, many suited to sheep and mixed farming…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, September 16, 2022

New England’s Plumthorpe aggregation could make circa $80m

AROUND $80 million is anticipated for the historic northern New South Wales’ Plumthorpe aggregation, described as one of the most prestigious groupings of properties in Australia…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, September 9, 2022

Weekly property review: Finance approvals process comes under fire

THE process of gaining finance approvals when buying a rural property has come under fire from some rural sales specialists who claim documentation delays are costing time and money. ..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, August 10, 2022

Well developed New England aggregation makes $80m

A QUEENSLAND family with extensive grazing interests has secured Upton Farms on the New England for a figure believed to be around $80 million, making it among the largest grazing property transactions in New South Wales…Read More

Guest Author, April 14, 2022

Neighbour factor to drive farm property sales

Established farms buoyed by strong returns, low interest rates and the option to grow efficiency through scale, are expected to continue to drive the rural property market in 2022…Read More

Guest Author, February 24, 2022

Property: Farming scale on sale with Nicoletti’s Apache

ANOTHER large-scale offering from Western Australia’s John Nicoletti is up for sale to kick off action in the big end of the market for cropping and sheep grazing property…Read More

Liz Wells, January 17, 2022

Farran wool-growing legacy to continue after farm sale

WOOL grower Andrew Farran will continue his long-standing philanthropic contributions to agriculture and education, aided by the sale of the Edenhope district property Yiddinga…Read More

Terry Sim, November 15, 2021

Avenel/Mt Westwood and Koonaburra stations sell

THE New South Wales Government has added the Avenel/Mount Westwood Station aggregation near Broken Hill and Koonaburra Station near Ivanhoe to its national park area…Read More

Liz Wells, October 26, 2021

Weekly property review: Goat land boom – no kidding!

THE value of western division land in New South Wales and Queensland has risen sharply in recent times on the back of strong pricing across most commodity classes, including meat goats…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, October 13, 2021

Why farming assets create wealth but don’t pay for themselves

A COMMON outcry amongst the farming community is that the price of farms and properties seems out of context with the income they can generate. ..Read More

Sheep Central, September 25, 2021

Hewitt consolidates organic sheep operation with NSW purchase

HEWITT Cattle Australia has secured a second prime farming enterprise in New South Wales as it moves to consolidates its organic sheep operations…Read More

Linda Rowley, August 30, 2021

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