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Booster awareness lifts hopes for flystrike vaccine

A VACCINATION in early spring with a booster soon after is looking like the delivery method for a vaccine to counter flystrike being developed by CSIRO…Read More

Liz Wells, August 18, 2022

La Niña weather prompts QLD flystrike warning

QUEENSLAND sheep and wool producers have been urged to remain vigilant for flystrike as La Niña weather conditions continue…Read More

Sheep Central, February 4, 2022

Call to oppose vet action on lamb pain relief drug

AUSTRALIA’S sheep industry is being asked to help oppose a move by veterinarians to retain prescription control over the lamb and calf castration pain relief medication NumOcaine…Read More

Terry Sim, January 26, 2022

Pooginook Merino to share its journey to no breech modification + VIDEO

THE journey of New South Wales Pooginook Poll and Merino studs to no breech modification will be outlined in a webinar next week…Read More

Sheep Central, June 18, 2021

This genetic option to mulesing can keep quality wool on Merinos

MERINO breeders selecting for high follicle density can breed a high wool and meat-producing dual purpose sheep that would not need to be mulesed, according to South Australian breeder Andrew Michael…Read More

Terry Sim, March 31, 2021

AWEX extends the NWD review submissions deadline to 6 April

AUSTRALIA’S wool growers could be faced with making submissions to a review of the National Wool Declaration without access to finalised research results on the sheep freeze branding process…Read More

Terry Sim, March 24, 2021

Sheep freeze branding trial results fast-tracked for NWD review

FINAL preliminary results of a sheep freeze branding trial undertaken by the University of Melbourne will be fast-tracked for the Australian Wool Exchange’s National Wool Declaration review…Read More

Terry Sim, March 22, 2021

Research finds sheep freeze branding is painful for lambs

PRELIMINARY research results indicating sheep freeze branding is a painful procedure for lambs, even when using available pain relief, have been published by the University of Melbourne…Read More

Terry Sim, March 19, 2021

Jerilderie auction sets new bar in working dog values

STRONG demand pushed working dog prices to a new level at the annual Jerilderie auction on Saturday, with almost half the dogs making $10,000 or more…Read More

Terry Sim, March 1, 2021

Short-tailed Merino ewes were ‘the buy of the day’ at Parkdale

TRANGIE wool grower Tim Burns has paid just $230 for the first offering of short-tailed Merino ewes in Australia and he believes he got the deal of the day…Read More

Terry Sim, February 24, 2021

NSW dog owners get deadly tick disease alert

NEW South Wales dog owners are being advised to be alert, but not alarmed, after a deadly tick disease was reported in dogs brought into the state from the Northern Territory…Read More

Sheep Central, February 15, 2021

UNE researchers find virtual fencing is less stressful for sheep

VIRTUAL fencing of sheep using audio signals and electric pulses to train the animals to respect a boundary is far less stressful than other standard farming practices, University of New England researchers have found…Read More

Sheep Central, December 16, 2020

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