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Two shearing records fall under the cutters of British pair

A PAIR of British sheep shearers have set new national records during a successful attempt on the country’s two stand nine-hour lamb shearing record on Friday…Read More

Sheep Central, August 14, 2022

Welsh shearer to make attempt on British nine-hour lamb record

EXPERIENCED Welsh shearer Lloyd Rees will attempt to break the current nine-hour solo British lamb shearing record this month…Read More

Sheep Central, August 12, 2022

AWEX pitches NWD Ceased Mulesing wool deadline

AUSTRALIAN wool exporters and brokers have seemingly managed to delay the loss of the Ceased Mulesing (CM) description on the National Wool Declaration until potentially 2024…Read More

Terry Sim, February 2, 2022

Colley supports NWD changes despite CM contracts

WOOL growers contracted with Australia’s largest independent broker AWN are among those with the most to lose with a phasing out of the Ceased Mulesing description from the National Wool Declaration…Read More

Terry Sim, February 2, 2022

NSW school leavers encouraged to try sheep shearing

NSW Farmers has encouraged school leavers interested in a career to agriculture to enrol in one of many shearer and wool handling courses being run across the state over the next three months…Read More

Sheep Central, January 26, 2022

All options on AWI’s table to solve sheep shearing crisis

RAISED shearing platforms, chemical defleecing, sheep handling innovations and cross-industry collaboration will be considered as Australian Wool Innovation looks to solve the industry’s labour crisis…Read More

Terry Sim, January 24, 2022

AWEX clarifies breech treatments on wool declaration

NATIONAL Wool Declaration definitions for wool from non-mulesed and ceased mulesed flocks, and sheep treated with liquid nitrogen, have been clarified by the Australian Wool Exchange…Read More

Sheep Central, November 15, 2021

SafeWork NSW and NSW Farmers called out on shearing safety

NEW South Wale’s work safety regulator and NSW Farmers will have “blood on their hands” if a wool shed worker dies from shearing machine ‘lock-up’, according to a national shearing industry leader…Read More

Terry Sim, May 21, 2021

Shearing rate increase continues, but would KPIs work?

AUSTRALIA’S peak shearing contractor body is continuing a 15pc shearer rate and industry wage increase trial until a review later in the year, when New Zealand-based workers might be able to return…Read More

Terry Sim, March 22, 2021

Innovative shearer trainer program is “a gamechanger”

A VICTORIAN-BASED sheep shearer trainer and trainee program was helping to solve the industry’s national labour shortage and providing a model for collaborative training in other sectors…Read More

Terry Sim, March 10, 2021

COVID-19 halts New Zealand’s ‘shearing Olympics’ for first time

NEW Zealand’s prestigious Golden Shears shearing and wool handling event has been cancelled for the first time in its 60-year history after COVID-19 restrictions escalated in the country…Read More

Doug Laing, Shearing Sports New Zealand, March 1, 2021

Most shearing contractors back 15pc pay rate increase

EXPERIENCED shedhands, wool pressers, cooks, crutchers and sheep shearers are included in pay rate increases to help shearing contractors retain staff over the next two months…Read More

Terry Sim, February 3, 2021

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