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Is mulesed wool lowering prices and building Australia’s stockpile?

WOOL from Australian sheep mulesed without pain relief is more likely to be passed-in under grower auction reserves than fleece from animals treated more humanely or not mulesed, AWEX data shows…Read More

Terry Sim, May 20, 2020

Victorian Agriculture Minister sees merit in onshore wool processing

VICTORIA’S Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes has come out in support of expanding onshore wool processing in Australia as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts global manufacturing and supply chains…Read More

Terry Sim, May 1, 2020

Ultrafine wool awards shared by old hands and first-time winners

OLD hands and first-time winners shared the accolades at the prestigious Ermenegildo Zegna wool awards in Italy this year…Read More

Sheep Central, April 20, 2020

Young Aussie shearer stumps up for first record attempt

YOUNG Australian shearer Ethan Harder’s childhood dream of becoming a world record holder is on the verge of reality with an attempt on the solo Merino ewe record for eight hours in Western Australia tomorrow…Read More

Doug Laing, Shearing Sports New Zealand., February 14, 2020

Nation’s main wool handler wants more electronic specis

AUSTRALIA’S biggest wool handler is encouraging wider use of electronic clip specification tools, estimating errors made using a paper-based system cost the industry about $1 million dollars annually…Read More

Terry Sim, February 12, 2020

NZ shearing quartet sets new women’s record of 2066 lambs

A FOUR-STAND women’s shearing record of 2066 lambs in nine hours yesterday has been lauded by one of the greatest of record-breakers as one of the great moments in shearing in New Zealand…Read More

Doug Laing, Shearing Sports New Zealand, January 24, 2020

Proposed wool declaration changes generate mixed reaction

MORE opposition and some support for proposed changes to mulesing status definitions on Australia’s National Wool Declaration has emerged as an industry consultation period continues…Read More

Terry Sim, January 22, 2020

Merino breeders and processor oppose wool declaration changes

NON-MULESED Merino sheep breeders and an international processor have this week come out in opposition to proposed changes to Australia’s National Wool Declaration…Read More

Terry Sim, January 20, 2020

Dubbo wool broker makes mulesing declaration compulsory

AUSTRALIA’S wool brokers are being urged to support the initiative of Dubbo company Macdonald and Co to make National Wool Declaration a condition of sale for all grower-owned and classed clips…Read More

Terry Sim, January 13, 2020

Could wearable robots make sheep shearing easier?

WEARABLE robotics could be a solution to easing the back-breaking labour of shearing Australia’s sheep flock…Read More

Sheep Central, December 20, 2019

This Hand says don’t give consumers reasons not to buy wool

GIVING consumers a reason not to buy wool, despite the fibre’s positives, only succeeds in reducing global wool consumption, especially from Australia, according to Australian exporter leader Matt Hand…Read More

Terry Sim, December 20, 2019

Queensland looks at ways to get more wool in the bag

QUEENSLAND’S wool industry is exploring new ways to get their sheep shorn despite failing shed and yard infrastructure in some areas. Some western Queensland graziers are putting shedding or cleanskin..Read More

Terry Sim, December 11, 2019

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