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Managing worms means more than just drenching

WE can no longer manage worms just by using drenches; pasture management is key. Monitoring worm egg counts and drenching only when required reduces the exposure of the parasite to the drenches that still work…Read More

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Unearth the possibilities of your agricultural business with FarmEye

RCS has provided producers with cutting-edge tools and insights for agricultural economic analysis since 1993. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to what we see as the future of business analysis: FarmEye…Read More

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Ballandean Station: A legacy of agriculture and sustainability

Situated on the eastern edge of Sundown National Park, Ballandean Station not only preserves its historical charm but also thrives as a modern mixed farming and grazing enterprise utilising pasture improvement and Agricon Products’ nutrition and supplementation program…Read More

Sponsored Content, September 25, 2023

An open letter to Australian sheep and wool producers

VIRBAC calls for producer support for submission to Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to increase pain relief accessibility for livestock…Read More

Sponsored Content, September 12, 2023

The savvy way for farmers to seize buying opportunities

AGRICULTURAL businesses are constantly battling with external factors to determine when they sell their grain, livestock or produce and when they capitalise on good buying opportunities…Read More

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Troy launch of BUTEC OTM is a high point in animal welfare

TROY Animal Healthcare on March 10 announced the launch of proven long-lasting lamb and calf pain relief product BUTEC, developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, Meat & Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation…Read More

Sponsored Content, May 1, 2023

Trial shows value in supplementing pregnant ewes

WITH over 45 years’ experience in sheep production and nutrition, and working with producers running commercial flocks, AusFarm Nutrition Products’ chief nutritionist, Dr Paul Meggison believes he has found a way to improve lambing results…Read More

Sponsored Content, March 27, 2023

Queensland producer backs new eNVD app

A NEW mobile phone app is set to change the habits of livestock producers, transporters and others in the supply chain because it does what most apps can’t – it works without internet connectivity…Read More

Sponsored Content, March 20, 2023

Oceania beef processors poised to capitalise on beef exports

SENSORX Accuro makes meeting export regulations and consumer demands easy, with accurate fat-to-lean ratios, reliable contamination detection and product traceability. ..Read More

Sponsored Content, January 30, 2023

World-first for Ceres Tags – reusable satellite smart ear tags

CERES Tag – the company that developed the world’s first direct to satellite smart ear tag has now created another first – a re-usable satellite smart ear tag…Read More

Sponsored Content, November 28, 2022

Hand jetting a viable cost-effective approach to flystrike

WET conditions and hot temperatures are often the signals to keep an active eye out for flystrike, and getting ahead of the game makes good sense…Read More

Sponsored Content, November 14, 2022

Supporting northern Australia’s abundant ag opportunities

FORMER stock and station agent Trent McIndoe said he never initially envisaged a career in banking, but 20 years after an accepting an approach from Rabobank, he is “still loving it”…Read More

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