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Queensland producer backs new eNVD app

A NEW mobile phone app is set to change the habits of livestock producers, transporters and others in the supply chain because it does what most apps can’t – it works without internet connectivity…Read More

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Oceania beef processors poised to capitalise on beef exports

SENSORX Accuro makes meeting export regulations and consumer demands easy, with accurate fat-to-lean ratios, reliable contamination detection and product traceability. ..Read More

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World-first for Ceres Tags – reusable satellite smart ear tags

CERES Tag – the company that developed the world’s first direct to satellite smart ear tag has now created another first – a re-usable satellite smart ear tag…Read More

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Hand jetting a viable cost-effective approach to flystrike

WET conditions and hot temperatures are often the signals to keep an active eye out for flystrike, and getting ahead of the game makes good sense…Read More

Sponsored Content, November 14, 2022

Supporting northern Australia’s abundant ag opportunities

FORMER stock and station agent Trent McIndoe said he never initially envisaged a career in banking, but 20 years after an accepting an approach from Rabobank, he is “still loving it”…Read More

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20 years of using Racewell sheep handlers + VIDEO

Having a good sheep handler is becoming more and more important for a modern sheep business, according to leading sheep and prime lamb seedstock producer Tom Bull…Read More

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Kikuyu pastures kicking goals across Australia

THE success of well-managed perennial kikuyu pastures in helping livestock producers to resolve production and environmental problems has led to the growth of a Western Australian-based business as a leading supplier of kikuyu seed and management know-how across Australia…Read More

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A new breed of financier sets out to enhance the profits of paddocks

The livestock industry is one in which the earning opportunities require a more specialised breed of financier – one that can apply a deep understanding of life on the land to better meet the individual needs of progressive producers. It is for this reason that a collective of industry experts have launched a new lending solution: Legacy Livestock…Read More

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Sponsored content now published on Sheep, Beef and Grain Central

In line with most other Australian private sector digital and print news media, Sheep Central now publishes occasional advertisers’ sponsored editorial content, supplied directly by companies providing goods and services to the Australian meat & livestock industry…Read More

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New DNA test to identify hypotrichosis gene in sheep

SHEEP breeders now have access to a DNA test to identify carriers of the hypotrichosis gene, which causes lambs to be born with little or no hair on the head and legs, and in some cases, develop thick, leathery skin…Read More

Sponsored Content, July 12, 2022

Paddock-ready technologies to shine in NSW ‘Big Tech, Big Ideas’ event

Livestock producers in NSW have a fantastic opportunity to hear from agtech founders and see demonstrations on the latest paddock-ready technology at the upcoming Big Tech Big Ideas field day and conference…Read More

Sponsored Content, June 11, 2022

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