Farmers welcome Greens-Albanese deal on climate change bill

FARMERS for Climate Action has welcomed amendments to the Albanese Government’s climate change safeguard mechanism package in legislation passed in Federal Parliament today…Read More

Sheep Central, March 27, 2023

Carbon neutrality is goal of sheep supplement study

RESEARCH to define how methane-reducing supplements can be fed to sheep efficiently in paddocks is aimed at helping Australia’s flocks achieve carbon neutrality…Read More

Sheep Central, March 21, 2023

Great Artesian Basin carbon capture plans branded ‘madness’

A MINING company’s plans to inject waste carbon dioxide captured from a power station into a Great Artesian Basin aquifer has been labelled as “madness” by representatives of the many existing users who already depend on the groundwater resource…Read More

James Nason, February 22, 2023

Chubb review recommends changes to carbon credits system

THE long-awaited review of Australia’s carbon crediting framework has this morning been handed down, recommending changes to the way the industry is governed, more transparency and facilitation of co-benefits beyond emissions abatement…Read More

Eric Barker, January 9, 2023

CSIRO report backs ag-based carbon methodologies

AUSTRALIA’S national science agency CSIRO has published an assessment of twelve carbon sequestration technologies and the role they could play in helping Australia reach net zero emissions…Read More

Sheep Central, December 14, 2022

Dutch decision to shut down up to 3000 farms sparks protests

DUTCH Government plans to buy out 2000 to 3000 farms in a bid to comply with controversial targets to reduce nitrogen run-off have sparked more farmer protests…Read More

Eric Barker, December 7, 2022

Transparency needed for carbon to realise potential, says valuer

AS CARBON projects find their place in the country’s agricultural property market, a rural valuer is calling for more transparency from all in the industry to ensure carbon farming realises its potential…Read More

Eric Barker, November 30, 2022

VIC farm up for at least $16m, with $2m wind farm premium

A MIXED farming property in Victoria’s Western District has been put on the market, with the long-term income from 10 proposed wind turbines attached to the asking price…Read More

Eric Barker, November 2, 2022

Carbon markets: Twiggy questions integrity as ACCU trading slows

TRADING volumes of Australian Carbon Credit Units have continued to slow in recent weeks as the industry awaits the findings of some major reforms…Read More

Eric Barker, October 12, 2022

Weekly property review: Is carbon potential coming into buyer calculations?

The market for grazing properties that include potential or existing carbon projects is seen as relatively immature due to few transactions and limited transparency. This week’s property review examines whether it is a matter of time before capturing carbon is added to the value of Australian grazing land…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, September 23, 2022

Carbon markets: trading slows with review uncertainty

CARBON trading has slowed in recent weeks as the Federal Government’s review of the carbon farming framework heads into a public submission phase. The price of Australian Carbon Credit Units..Read More

Eric Barker, September 14, 2022

Renaming regenerative agriculture could open doors

SHOULD the term ‘regenerative agriculture’ be changed to encourage more growers to adopt the practices encompassed within the emerging industry?..Read More

Emma Alsop, September 6, 2022

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