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Live export exemption for Al Kuwait not granted

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has made the decision to not grant Rural Export and Trading (WA) Pty Ltd an exemption to export livestock after 1 June…Read More

Sheep Central, June 3, 2020

WA farmers and RSPCA face off over live sheep export exemption

WESTERN Australian farmers and the RSPCA today faced off over a proposed export exemption for a shipment of sheep delayed by a COVID-19 outbreak on a vessel docked in Fremantle…Read More

Terry Sim, May 28, 2020

Exemption option for WA sheep shipment delayed by COVID-19

A WESTERN Australian live sheep exporter could gain an exemption for an impending shipment despite an approaching Middle East moratorium deadline and an outbreak of COVID-19 on a vessel berthed in Fremantle…Read More

Terry Sim, May 27, 2020

Six crew members on livex vessel test positive to COVID-19

Six crew members from a livestock export vessel docked in Fremantle have tested positive for COVID-19…Read More

Sheep Central, May 26, 2020

Queensland academic used outdated live export data – ALEC

UNIVERSITY of Queensland Professor of Animal Welfare Clive Phillips has used outdated and obsolete data to cast doubt on the live export trade’s future, according to Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council chief executive officer Mark Harvey-Sutton…Read More

Australian Livestock Exporters' Council CEO Mark Harvey-Sutton, May 12, 2020

Live sheep and cattle vessel’s first voyage with new owner lauded

MIDDLE East importer Kuwait Livestock Transport & Trading has reported zero cattle deaths and sheep mortality of 0.1 percent during the first voyage of its new vessel the MV Al Kuwait, despite wet bulb temperatures reaching up to 31 degrees Celsius…Read More

Sheep Central, May 11, 2020

Sheep farmers urged to heed live export heat stress research

AUSTRALIA’S sheep producers would be wise to seriously explore alternatives to live export, with heat stress research casting further doubt on the industry’s future, according to University of Queensland’s Professor of Animal Welfare Clive Phillips…Read More

By Clive Phillips, University of Queensland, May 6, 2020

Live sheep exporter Emanuel fighting licence cancellations

WESTERN Australian live exporter Emanuel Exports and subsidiary EMS Rural Exports will continue to seek reversal of their licence cancellations after a criminal investigation into it over sheep losses during Middle East shipments in 2017 was dropped…Read More

Sheep Central, April 24, 2020

Criminal investigation into live sheep exporters abandoned

A CRIMINAL investigation into live sheep exporters Emanuel Exports and EMS Rural Exports in relation to losses during several shipments in 2017 has been dropped…Read More

Sheep Central, April 23, 2020

Anti-livex campaigns target rural banks and industry financing

CAMPAIGNS against livestock exports, intensive farming and mulesing are increasingly targeting rural lenders as animal rights groups pressure banks to choke off capital to industries and practices they oppose…Read More

James Nason, April 22, 2020

New rules include Middle East summer sheep shipment ban

LIVE sheep shipments from Australia to the Middle East will be banned for 3.5 months during the the northern summer months of June to mid-September under tougher new guidelines released by the Federal Government today…Read More

Sheep Central, March 31, 2020

Live exporter Wellard faces shareholder class action

A CLASS action has been launched against live exporter Wellard Limited in the Federal Court of Victoria alleging the prospectus which preceded its ill-fated December 2015 initial public offering contained forecasts that were misleading to investors…Read More

James Nason, March 10, 2020

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