Recruitment: Are wage levels a challenge to future ag growth?

THE latest salary data shows salaries in the agriculture and farming sector are skewed toward the lower levels when compared to other industries, in a trend that will affect the ability of the ag sector to attract the skilled talent required to drive future growth, a recent report suggests…Read More

Sheep Central, November 20, 2020

Recruitment: Five steps to leading a great team

When you’re yearning for growth, increased profits or even just consistency, how do you find and build a team that is just as enthusiastic as you, and more to the point, how do you keep them? Here’s the major piece to the puzzle. Before you do anything, go to a mirror and take a good hard look at… yourself…Read More

Sheep Central, November 13, 2020

Recruitment: Four things new employees want to know

WITH end-of-season staff transition in the meat and livestock industry about to hit its annual high-point, its worth remembering that when a new employee takes up their role, there will be more they want to know about their new workplace beyond simply what their responsibilities will entail…Read More

Sheep Central, November 6, 2020

Recruitment: Ten tips for better teamwork

Have you ever wondered how some work groups exhibit effective teamwork and others remain dysfunctional for the life of the team? Effective workplace teamwork is both profoundly simple and difficult at the same time – and it is particularly applicable in agriculture, where many teams operate remotely…Read More

Sheep Central, October 30, 2020

Recruitment: Five job skills & how to show you have them

TO truly compete in today’s ag sector job market, candidates need more than a diploma or work history in the field. Employers are increasingly looking for the total package: candidates who have the education and training needed to understand the job, the experience to carry out the technical duties, and the employability skills to be successful. ..Read More

Sheep Central, October 23, 2020

Recruitment: Future looks bright for women in agriculture

WOMEN look set to take on a bigger role in the agricultural sector, with more women than men now studying agriculture and environment related courses as the average age of the Australian farmer hits 61 years old, according to a report released yesterday, marking the official International Day of Rural Women…Read More

Sheep Central, October 16, 2020

Recruitment: Five tips to help retain your top performers in 2021

As the 2020 season starts to draw to a close, many in the meat and livestock industry will be starting to contemplate how they might do things better next year. For employers and managers, this is a suitable time to consider how best to retain your top performers from the current season…Read More

Sheep Central, October 9, 2020

Recruitment: Four tips to earning others’ trust at work

Regardless of your title or level of authority or seniority, trusting others and having others trust you in return are the most basic elements of being looked upon as a respected professional. And working in an agricultural environment where co-workers can rely upon one another and are confident in each other’s abilities – often under difficult circumstances – is very rewarding…Read More

Sheep Central, October 2, 2020

Recruitment: Key points for employers in job interviews

When hiring new staff there are a number of issues that need to be dealt with by a business owner or senior manager before a recruitment interview process begins. It’s much harder to retro-fit this important information into a recruitment process after the fact, says business advisor James Price…Read More

James Price*, JPAbusiness, September 25, 2020

Recruitment: Skills acquisition to build a career in agriculture

There are satisfying and wide-ranging career opportunities in agriculture from entry level right through to senior executive positions. A shortage of skills in many sectors make it an ideal sector in which to embark on a career. Those planning such a career should consider what type of work they enjoy doing and then plan to acquire the skills required. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions…Read More

Sheep Central, September 18, 2020

Recruitment: How do your employees feel about performance reviews?

Around 41pc of Australian employees have experienced a performance review, according to a recent employment trends report. Of those, only a little over half said they felt confident going into their review. Performance reviews can take many forms – what’s the best approach for your staff and agribusiness model? ..Read More

Sheep Central, September 11, 2020

Recruitment: Ten signs an employee may be disengaging

Everyone has worked with a disengaged employee or co-worker at some time. They’re easy to spot once you chat with them for a few minutes – instead of helping the business grow, they’re likely to be dragging it down. Here’s some hints to help spot them. ..Read More

Sheep Central, September 7, 2020

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