Recruitment: Do you need an employee induction program?

Whether yours is a small wool or lamb-producing business or a larger organisation somewhere along the food and fibre supply chain, you’ll need an employee induction program. ..Read More

Sheep Central, May 17, 2019

Recruitment: Starting off new employees on the right foot

WHEN you find the new recruit you believe is truly a great fit for your business, regardless of whether it is a small grazing property with only a couple of staff, or a feedlot employing 30 – it’s only then that the hard yards really begin. Welcome to the concept of ‘on-boarding.’..Read More

Sheep Central, May 10, 2019

Recruitment: Growing number of younger employees in agriculture

AGRICULTURE’S workforce is growing and getting younger, according to the latest ABS census…Read More

Sheep Central, May 3, 2019

Recruitment: Attracting uni graduates to the red meat processing sector

The changing nature of the red meat processing industry means there is a greater need today than ever before to recruit university graduates to fill an expanding range of working roles within the sector, a recent red meat training conference heard. ..Read More

Sheep Central, April 26, 2019

Recruitment: Don’t underestimate the value of an exit interview

SOME of the most honest and priceless feedback comes from employees that are leaving an organisation. Although it is typically too late to save that employee, they can provide helpful information for managers to consider improving the work environment for others…Read More

Sheep Central, April 18, 2019

Recruitment: Three ways to make sure a new employee prospect is the right fit

One of the keys to retaining valuable employees is to hire the right resources in the first place. It sounds simple, but it can often be more difficult than not to find someone that is not only properly qualified for the role but also fits into the work culture and works well with your other team members…Read More

Sheep Central, March 29, 2019

Recruitment: Eight points to note when giving employee feedback

WE’VE all been there ourselves; on the receiving end of feedback and we certainly know the way it’s delivered impacts the way it’s received. For managers of agribusinesses anywhere along the sheep and wool supply chain, there are important aspects to consider when delivering feedback to employees…Read More

Sheep Central, March 22, 2019

Recruitment: Why is it important to manage worker fatigue?

Whenever people are working in potentially hazardous environments, which can often be the case in meat and livestock industry, it’s important that a high degree of alertness be maintained in order to minimise the risk of accidents and mistakes. ..Read More

Sheep Central, March 15, 2019

Latest AWI graduate trainees grew up growing wool in NSW and WA

AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation has welcomed two new recruits to its graduate training program — Emma Murphy from New South Wales and Miles Barritt from Western Australia…Read More

Sheep Central, March 8, 2019

AuctionsPlus sheep and listings go higher as demand increases

MORE store sheep and lambs were offered on AuctionsPlus last week as confidence returned to sellers and buyers…Read More

Sheep Central, May 20, 2019

Stock watering place leases up for tender in NSW’s Western Division

STOCK watering place leases are being offered in New South Wales’ western division for the first time in several years…Read More

Sheep Central, May 20, 2019

Victorian saleyards and abattoirs exceeding 90pc EID tag read rates

VICTORIAN saleyards and abattoirs are continuing to scan electronic sheep and goat identifications at read rates of more than 90 percent, according to Agriculture Victoria…Read More

Sheep Central, May 20, 2019

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