Search is on for Livestock Exporter Young Achiever of the Year

THE Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council has opened nominations for the Livestock Exporter Young Achiever Award, supported by Nutrien Ag Solutions…Read More

Sheep Central, September 9, 2022

Three top young wool brokers to vie for national award

THREE finalists have been selected from a strong field of entries in the National Council of Wool Brokers of Australia’s broker award…Read More

Sheep Central, August 12, 2022

Australia’s ewe flock is growing, but so is sheep meat demand

AUSTRALIA’S ewe flock is continuing to grow – up another 717,000 ewes since October last year — but producers should not be worried about the nation producing too many lambs for domestic and world sheep meat markets…Read More

Sheep Central, August 9, 2022

Australian wool exporters highlight market crisis

AUSTRALIA’S wool market could be hit hard in coming weeks by a growing cash flow, bale dumping and shipment crisis…Read More

Terry Sim, April 22, 2022

Sea freight rates are spiralling to record highs

MEAT processors are battling another round of spiralling sea freight shipment rates for chilled and frozen containers leaving Australia this year, further undermining margins. ..Read More

Jon Condon, April 5, 2022

Senators debate Australia’s relationship with China

AUSTRALIA’S handling of its relationship with China and the ensuing collateral damage to trade is again under scrutiny after the cancellation of a 10th Australian abattoir’s export license by Chinese authorities last week…Read More

James Nason, February 7, 2022

Lifting certified non-mulesed wool kgs is a way forward

SEASON-HIGH wool prices show lifting non-mulesed wool production is increasingly a good strategy to raise grower returns and demand for Australian wool worldwide, according to Schneider Australia’s southern region wool..Read More

Terry Sim, February 4, 2022

Kinross lamb at almost $100/kg ‘not rocket science’

INTEGRATING lamb eating quality genetics with consistent feeding and high-end retailing has enabled cutlets to sell for almost $100/kilogram in Australia’s oldest continually run butcher shop in Sydney…Read More

Terry Sim, February 2, 2022

WAFarmers backs ALEC, SPA on northern summer export review

WAFarmers has affirmed its support for the Australian Live Export Council (ALEC) and endorses Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) positions on the continued monitoring and review of Northern Summer Prohibition periods…Read More

Sheep Central, January 28, 2022

Red meat and labour access benefits in A-UK FTA

RED meat market access and rural labour benefits are expected to flow from the virtual signing of the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement today…Read More

Sheep Central, December 17, 2021

Australian wool industry needs integrated traceability

AN integrated and effective wool traceability system should be created in Australia as soon as it is feasible, a new report has recommended…Read More

Sheep Central, December 14, 2021

Review finds live export permit system is inefficient

A REVIEW of the Federal Department of Agriculture’s system for issuing livestock export permits and health certificates has identified several concerns with its processes, including its reliance on outdated IT systems…Read More

James Nason, November 29, 2021

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