Wooltrade has consistent week of online bale trading

Sheep Central, December 15, 2015

Wooltrade logoONLINE wool selling platform Wooltrade had another consistent week of trading last week.

Wooltrade market operations officer Tom Rookyard said more than 300 bales were sold online as the physical wool market’s AWEX Eastern Market Indicator lifted four cents to 1251c/kg clean.

Mr Rookyard said the top-priced Wooltrade lot last week, was a six-bale line of 17.7 micron Merino weaners fleece that sold for 1523c/kg clean, or 1060c/kg greasy. The line yielded 69.6 percent, with an average staple length of 74mm, tensile strength of 40 Newtons/kilotex and with 0.5pc vegetable matter content. It was lot was branded DARNLEY CHASE/SVG and offered by Landmark Victoria.

A nine-bale 18.72 micron fleece line sold for 1457c/kg clean, or 1040c/kg greasy. It had a yield of 71.4pc, average staple length of 85mm, tensile strength of 41N/kt and 0.5pc vm.

An 11-bale 19 micron fleece line sold for 1389c/kg clean, or 993c/kg greasy. The line yield 71.5pc, with a mean staple length of 93mm, tensile strength of 30N/kt and 0.3pc vm.

A three-bale line of 20.2 micron Merino fleece in Western Australia sold 1323c/kg clean, or 934c/kg greasy, with a yield of 70.6pc, average staple length of 92mm and 0.5pc vm.

The top 21 micron fleece line was five bales in Melbourne that sold for 1330c/kg clean, or 827c/kg greasy. It yielded 62.2pc, with an average staple length of 105mm, tensile strength of 38N/kt and 0.4pc vm.

A ten-bale line of 22.2 micron fleece wool sold for 1308c/kg clean, or 935c/kg greasy. It yielded 71.5pc with an average staple length of 105mm, a tensile strength of 31N/kt and 1pc vm.

A 12-bale line of 23 micron Merino fleece made 1321c/kg clean, or 972c/kg greasy. It boasted a yield of 73.6pc with a mean staple length of 94mm, tensile strength of 31N/kt and 0.6pc vm.

A five-bale line of 24.2 micron fleece made 1277c/kg clean, or 890c/kg greasy, with a yield of 69.7pc, average staple length of 104mm, tensile strength of 33N/kt and 0.3pc vm.

Merino pieces made to 1263c/kg clean, or 710c/kg greasy, for an eight-bale 20.7 line that yielded 56.2pc, with an average length of 95mm, tensile strength of 22N/kt and 1.2pc vm.

Combing wool made to 1273c/kg greasy, or 761c/kg greasy, for 12 bales of 19.9 micron Merino lambs wool with a yield of 59.9pc, an average staple length of 62mm, tensile strength of 51 N/kt and 1.9pc vm. The lot was branded BEN LOMOND and offered by Elders South Australia.

“Looking forward, a continuation of this stability would leave the market in a strong position leading into the Christmas recess.

“However, buyers are spoilt for choice, with a large offering of crossbred wool in the north that could potentially leave the market with little room for growth,” Mr Rookyard said.

Click here for the Wooltrade top prices summary for sale E24-15.

Source: Wooltrade.


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