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West-to-east sheep trend ongoing with AuctionsPlus offering

Sheep Central, May 31, 2020

After last week’s record-breaking price for first cross ewes, prices remained strong for this category selling from $296 to $436, averaging $364. This line of 211 20-month-old SIL Border Leicester x Merino ewes from Cooma NSW achieved the top price.

DEMAND for sheep continued last week, despite the declining numbers on offer on AuctionsPlus, with an 86pc clearance overall among the 63,028 head offered.

The current market trend of sheep moving from west to east has continued, as eastern states buyers maintain their restocking efforts. Central Western New South Wales and the Riverina region of NSW secured more than 37,000 head combined, while south-west Victoria and Western Queensland remained the top suppliers, offering 27,500 head within the total yarding.

Merino ewe lambs sold from $156 to $267 this week, averaging $203 to be firm, with an 83pc clearance for the 5,375 head offered.

Top price went to a line of 48kg 11-12 month-old Poll Merino ewe lambs from Manangatang, Victoria, with 2.5-3 inch skins on their backs, offered by L.J. & R.C. Plant. From Galore, NSW, offered by Leitchfield, a line of 9-10-month-old future breeder ewe lambs achieved the next best price, selling for $240. These Langdene blood ewes averaging 44kg had 1-1.5 inch skins on their backs.

Merino ewe hoggets sold from $156 to $320, averaging $266, down $14, yet reaching 94pc clearance. Dunluse from Henty, NSW offered the top priced line with 145 two-year-old Woodpark blood SIL ewes averaging 61kg. These ewes had 2.5-3 inch skins on their backs and were SIL to Coopworth rams.

Prices for young Merino breeders (2-4 years) corrected to sell from $169 to $327, averaging $260, back $17 after the previous week’s $51 jump. Chelwood Farming from Mintaro, South Australia, offered the top-priced line with 228 SIL ewes. These 3-4-year-old Leahcim blood ewes averaged 62kg, had 1.5-2 inch skins and are SIL to Poll Merino rams.

At Chatsworth, Victoria, the Lime Creek Trust offered a line of 271 rising three-year-old SIL ewes averaging 59kg. These Willera blood ewes had 2-2.5 inch skins, were SIL to Merino rams and sold for $300.

Proven Merino breeders (4+ years) saw strong prices to average $261, up $9. Prices ranged from $171 to $333 with a 79pc clearance.

At Parkes, NSW, C.J. & J.W. Hall offered a line of 306 mixed-age SIL ewes averaging 61kg. These Centre Plus and Yarong blood ewes had 1.5 inch skins and were SIL to Border Leicester rams. A line of 550 five-year-old SIL ewes offered at Nyngan, NSW, by Jumbuck Pastoral Co sold for $301. These Gunbar blood ewes averaged 53kg, had 1-1.5 inch skins and were SIL to Merino rams.

Of the 15,015 Merino wether lambs offered last week, 14,414 head sold, with prices from $119 to $194, averaging $162, up $7.

At Tarago, NSW a run of 44kg Greendale and Hazeldean blood wether lambs with 3 inch skins topped the category, offered by A.D. & S.C. Wilson. Burrenbilla Past Co at Cunnamulla, QLD offered a line of 720 4-5-month-old Poll Merino store wether lambs, Haddon Rig blood, averaging 39kg with 1-1.5 inch skins on their backs, which sold for $166.

Merino wethers sold from $140 to $194, averaging $168, up $3, to achieve a 75pc clearance. Top price went to a line of 32-33-month-old 52kg wethers from Daysdale, NSW offered by Urunpungee. These Nerstane blood wethers had 2.5-3 inch skins and will be heading to Epsom, Victoria.

First cross ewes in strong demand again

First cross ewe lambs were in high demand once again this week achieving a 100pc clearance rate and prices jumping $14, selling from $186 to $328 to average $301. Top price went to a line of 200 Border Leicester x Merino ewe lambs 54kg at Gulgong, NSW, offered by Talinga Pastoral Co. These July/August 2019 drop lambs had 2-2.5 inch skins and sold to a NSW buyer at Forbes.

After last week’s record-breaking price for first cross ewes, prices remained strong for this category selling from $296 to $436, averaging $364, down $1. Demand was strong with a 94pc clearance achieved for the smaller offering of 2720 this week.

A line of 211 19-20-month-old SIL BL/Mer ewes averaging 64kg achieved the top price. Offered by Thubergal at Cooma, NSW, these ewes were 2-3 months SIL to Poll Dorset rams. Another highlight was a line of 14-15-month old SIL ewes at Elmore, Victoria, offered by M.C. & R.A. Henke. These 73kg ewes sold for $411, with 2.5-3 inch skins, 4-5-months SIL to White Suffolk rams.

Western Australia had an offering of 6294 head, back 3026 on last week. There was an 89pc clearance rate and all lines sold interstate to SA, Victorian and NSW buyers.

Merino ewe lambs were the largest stock category on offer, with prices between $176 and $230, averaging $214, down $3. At Newdegate, a line of 650 High Valley and East Mundella blood future breeder ewe lambs offered by R.A. Iffla & Partners achieved the top price. The May/June 2019 drop lambs averaged 43kgs and sold to a central NSW buyer at Nyngan. A line of July/August  2019 drop, AMS blood future  ewe lambs at Tammin, offered by Anameka Farms ,sold for $228. These ewes averaged 43kg with 1-1.5 inch skins on their backs.

Tasmanian sheep clear

Tasmanian sheep remained in high demand, with another 100pc clearance for the 1265 head offered. Merino ewes sold from $141 to $175, averaging $164.

From Cleveland, P W Grey offered a line of 170 mixed-age NSM Poll Merino ewes to top the category. These Kerin and Lewishham blood ewes averaged 71kg with one inch skins. Mixed sex crossbred lambs sold between $155 and $157, averaging $156, down $8 on last week. Top price went to a line of 200 Aug/Sept 2019 drop Corriedale mixed sex store lambs. Averaging 41kg with 1.5-2 inch skins, these lambs will be heading north to Picola, Victoria.

Store lamb numbers ease

Store lamb numbers eased again, to 3091 head, but demand remained strong, with an 89pc clearance. Prices were up by 32c/kg lwt, at 426-697c/kg, averaging 497c/kg. Some of the highlights included:

  • White Suffolk cross, 23kgs, $154 or 697c/kg lwt, Jan 2020 drop, Longwood, Victoria
  • Poll Dorset cross, 35kgs, $187 or 562c/kg, Feb/Mar 2020 drop, Temora, New South Wales
  • Poll Dorset cross, $177 or 500c/kg, July/Aug 2019 drop, Bowna, New South Wales
  • Dorper mixed sexes, $164 or 495c/kg, July/Aug 2019 drop, Deepwater, New South Wales
  • White Suffolk cross, $169 or 427c/kg, 41kgs, July/Aug 2019 drop, Katunga, Victoria

Source: AuctionsPlus


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