Recruitment: Why jobseekers should keep up the search during the holidays

Sheep Central, December 18, 2015

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AS the holiday season starts, jobseekers in the red meat and livestock industry might be considering putting their search on hold.

However, it is a common misconception that businesses do not hire at all over Christmas and it could in fact be the ideal time to rev up the job search.

Here are some reasons why:

Less competition

A lot of jobseekers tend to postpone their job search until the new year, due to busy schedules or the false impression that there are no jobs available.

Jobseekers who can get on the radar before the new year will have a greater advantage, with the number of applicants for jobs generally less than usual.

Jobs will always become available regardless of the time of year, especially if a business is left short by a sudden departure at the end of the year.

Jobseekers should keep on the forefront with their search throughout the holidays, and ensure no potential roles are missed.

Businesses still hire

While many people might think of the holiday season as a time to take a break, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for businesses.

Job openings will always need to be filled, regardless of whether it is the holiday season or not, and the end of the year could be an ideal time for many businesses who need to finalised any new positions before the new year.

This could be due to business or financial goals, or to ensure they are set up for the new year and can hit the ground running straight away.

Use time wisely

If a jobseeker is already in a position, it can be difficult to job search while trying to juggle work at the same time.

So for those who get a break over the holidays, it can be the ideal time to dedicate time to properly applying for roles and making the most of some free time.

It is also far easier for jobseekers to continue searching in the new year if they haven’t halted their search over the holidays; this prevents momentum from disappearing and  keeps the job hunt fresh and front-of-mind.

Source: Meat Processors Pty Ltd



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