Recruitment: Reasons a good employee might leave a business

Sheep Central March 1, 2019

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IT shouldn’t be surprising to any business engaged in the red meat and livestock supply chain that when employees aren’t treated properly, they’re unlikely to stay around for very long.

Regardless of whether they are working in a small family-scale livestock enterprise with only one or two employees, or a feedlot employing 30, if an employee is talented and driven, it won’t take them long to realise that they’re not appreciated or valued in their workplace.

There will always be many issues why good employees choose to leave their job, however here are some of the more common reasons.

Lacking motivation

While every employee will have a different style of leadership as to what motivates them most, a good leader will have a clear idea of how to manage each individual.

A manager should always practice what they preach and lead by example.

Employees will lose trust and respect for their employer/manager if they don’t trust them, which will then lead to a loss of loyalty to the business.

Employees that don’t feel motivated in their workplace will likely quickly lose interest in their role and workplace.

Employees feel overworked

This can be a common occurrence for agribusinesses: it has talented employees working however they are being overworked due to any number of reasons, including being understaffed, busy seasonal periods or unrealistic expectations by new management.

Managers need to remember their staff are not robots and may not physically be able to do all the tasks in a certain timeframe, when seasonal or other circumstances conspire.

Employees will always be happier when they have a work/life balance in place, while productivity will generally fall once work hours reach over 50.

Flexibility is another big draw-card in retaining good employees.

A good boss knows that helping their employees to sustain a good work/life balance means they are more likely to gain greater commitment from them.

Employees don’t feel appreciated

This can be due to a number of reasons, including feeling they aren’t being paid enough or that their manager doesn’t care.

If a manager really values an employee, he or she should recognise the importance of rewarding them and retaining them.

Every agribusiness, regardless of size, will be prioritising cost savings where possible, but any manager should also consider the financial progression of their employees also. Employees cannot be expected to continually improve and work harder if they are not reasonably rewarded.

It is also highly apparent to employees when their boss does not care and has no empathy for them. This is bad management, and will also promote distrust amongst employees. If they feel their superior doesn’t care, employees won’t feel any loyalty to the business.

It should be simple for any employer to realise that if they don’t treat their employees appropriately, they most likely won’t remain in that business forever.

Talented staff and motivated individuals will have a good understanding of the industry and their worth. If they feel they aren’t appreciated where they are, they will most likely be searching for new opportunities sooner rather than later.

Therefore it’s imperative managers adopt methods to not only attract but also retain quality staff.


Source: Meat Processors Pty Ltd





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