Recruitment: Ditch annoying job ad buzzwords and phrases

Sheep Central, April 6, 2023

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WE’RE all guilty of it — once a buzzword or fashionable phrase is used repeatedly in the workplace or socially, we start using it ourselves.

But it might be time to think about ditching some of this collection of over-used clichés, commonly used in job ads for positions across the agricultural industry. Let’s strive to adopt clear, simple speech with our colleagues and prospective employees in describing roles and responsibilities in positions-vacant messaging.

Here’s our sample of pet hates:

Bring to the table: How about just getting to the point and stating what you/they can contribute.

Cutting Edge: A dinosaur term used by those who may not be at the forefront anymore.

Deliverables: How about expected outcome, or what can be achieved and measured?

Ducks in a row: This just makes me think of bath time.

Fast track: Just prioritise the work.

Amazing: The degree of amazement possible in any job or work environment is completely subjective. Let the employee decide.

Hit the ground running: No time to procrastinate – just start, drop everything, and do this work – now.

Low-hanging fruit: Ok, we all know not to take the easiest path.

Reach Out: How about contacting, communicating or even calling?

Value adding: In the past, used to describe products, but it seems to have spread to services and people, i.e a livestock team member who can ‘value-add’ to the business.

It’s not rocket-science: You are probably offending who you are speaking to on this one. Best to assume they are not stupid.

Think outside the square: Try to think unconventionally and not along usual lines.

Blue sky thinking: Come on guys, we just need some really creative ideas, please.


Just take a moment in your work day to see if you pick up any of these annoyances.

The great thing about people working in agriculture in Australia is their down to earth, no-nonsense nature. Use corporate buzzwords at your own risk, and see if your prospective employee candidates take you seriously.


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