Recruitment: Common hiring mistakes to avoid

Sheep Central, March 8, 2019

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EMPLOYING the wrong person can have a big impact on any business within the lamb or wool supply chain – large or small – so it is imperative employers take the time and get it right the first time.

Though there can be an urgency to fill a role when there is a sudden departure or business picks up quickly, it’s important for employers not to skip over the correct processes and steps when adding to the team.

Here’s some tips on what to avoid the next time there is a role to fill…

Rushing the process

An employee might quit unexpectedly, or business might pick up unexpectedly leaving a business feeling the pressure to recruit someone fast. That could happen after a drought episode ends, when a cattle property is getting back on its feet, or a wholesale meat business where the customer list rapidly grows.

However, this shouldn’t mean a business settles for the first person they see.

Instead, an employer should be patient and spend time looking for an employee who has the skills for the jobs, and is the right ‘fit’ for the company.

It will be worth it in the long-term to find someone who wants to carve out a career with the business, rather than someone who may search for another opportunity after just a short stint.

An employer should also remember not to rush the actual hiring process, such as skipping job reference checks. These checks are imperative in understanding a potential candidate’s background and work experience, and should never be avoided.

Recruiting a person for the wrong reasons

Hiring for the wrong reasons can be very harmful for a variety of reasons:

  • Creating a role when it’s not necessary can be costly and cause angst amongst existing staff
  • Hiring someone as a favour can cause in-house problems if that person doesn’t fit the company culture, doesn’t have the right skills or doesn’t perform well
  • Hiring someone with a lack of appropriate skills can mean a waste of time and money.

Recruiting someone for the wrong reasons can also occur if a job description is too vague in the first instance.

By not including specific skills or experience that is non-negotiable, a job ad can invite a large number of candidates unsuitable for the role. 

Disregarding red flags

Sometimes an employer can overlook potential ‘red flags’ when interviewing a candidate.

An employer can be so impressed by personality or what the candidate will bring to the business that they can overlook what the candidate won’t be bringing.

Red flags should never be ignored or suppressed. The person responsible for the recruitment should listen to their gut feeling and do proper reference and background checks on potential staff to make sure they are investing in the right person for the role.


Source: Meat Processors Pty Ltd



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