Online wool sales lift with turnaround in auction prices

Sheep Central, November 27, 2018

ONLINE wool sales increased last week as overseas supply demands coupled with grower defiance at lower prices also led to an upward swing in physical auction rates.

AuctionsPlus operations manager Tom Rookyard said the wool market is back in positive territory after a month of market retraction.

“Last week microns of all types saw strong demand as buyers scrambled to fill orders,” he said.

The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator rose 77 cents last week to close at 1858c/kg clean, its highest point since late October. In US$ dollar terms, the EMI was sitting at 1347c/kg, US76 cents higher than it was at this point last year.

“Online the demand flow onto AuctionsPlus Wool as 643 bales were sold on behalf of 58 different grower brands, by 13 different broker companies to eight buying companies,” Mr Rookyard said.

The top price paid for Merino fleece wool online last week was 4844c/kg greasy, or 7000c/kg clean, for a single bale of 12.2 micron EXFINE SUPAAAM, with the extremely low 0.1% vegetable matter. The non-mulesed wool line had a yield of 69.2 percent, an average staple length of 66mm and a tensile strength of 25 Newtons/kilotex. It was branded Karalta/M/ASWGA/AB467 and offered by Barwon and Yarra Valley Wool. A bale of 14.5 micron Merino wool sold for 2416c/kg greasy, or 3208c/kg clean.

A nine-bale line of 16.2 micron AAFM sold for 1700c/kg greasy, or 2342c/kg clean. It yielded 72.6pc, with an average staple length of 99mm, a tensile strength of 34N/kt and 0.3pc vm.

A seven-bale line of 17.1 micron AAAM sold for 1650c/kg greasy, or 2308c/kg clean. It yielded 71.5pc, with a staple length of 100mm, tensile strength of 40N/kt and 0.4pc vm.

A seven-bale line of 19 micron Merino fleece with a yield of 72.6pc, a staple length of 95mm, tensile strength of 44N/kt and 1.6pc vm sold for 1590c/kg greasy, or 2190c/kg clean.

A 10-bale line of 20 micron AAAM made 1540c/kg greasy, or 2184c/kg clean. It yielded 70.5pc clean, had an average staple length of 95mm, a tensile strength of 34N/kt and 1pc vm.

A five-bale line of 21.5 micron AAAM with a yield of 76.1pc, an average staple length of 108mm, tensile strength of 38N/kt and 0.2pc vm sold for 1583c/kg greasy, or 2080c/kg clean.

A 15-bale line of 22.7 micron AACBK fleece made 1100c/kg greasy, or 1493c/kg clean. The line yielded 73.7pc with 0.2pc vm.

A four-bale line of 25.3 micron AAAFX with a yield of 71.5pc and 3.7pc vm sold for 890c/kg greasy, or 1245c/kg clean.

Pieces, bellies and oddments also sell well online

A clean bale of 16.4 micron Merino bellies with a yield of 65.6pc, an average staple length of 67mm, tensiles strength of 30N/kt and 1pc vm for 1366c/kg greasy, or 2082c/kg clean. It was offered by Roberts of Tasmania and branded NSB. Broader 17 micron bellies sold to 720c/kg clean, or 1538c/kg clean.

A 13-bale line of 19.1 micron Merino pieces sold for 930c/kg clean, or 1729c/kg clean. The line yielded 53.8pc, with an average staple length of 83mm, a tensile strength of 29N/kt and 10.2pc vm.

Merino oddments were topped by a four-bale line of 16.7 micron crutchings that made 800c/kg greasy, or 1452c/kg clean. The line yielded 55.1pc with 1.8pc vm. A three-bale line of 19.7 micron Merino locks with a yield of 58.1pc and 1.5pc vm sold for 630c/kg greasy, or 1084c/kg clean.

Mr Rookyard said an estimated 37,000 bales will be offered this week.

“The shortage of supply is well-known by the overseas mills.

“Already 50 bales have been sold online since Monday morning,” he said.

“Some mills; however, have commented that this surge is unsustainable, and in their opinion prices could retract leading into Christmas.”

Source: AuctionsPlus


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