Online wool buying strengthens as auction prices improve

Terry Sim, May 8, 2019

ONLINE wool buying strengthened on AuctionsPlus last week as prices also improved at the first physical auctions after the Easter break.

AuctionsPlus operations manager Tom Rookyard said the Australian wool market lifted across all micron price guides last week, with significant gains in the 18-20 MPGs at the southern selling centre as prices for superfine wools 17.5 micron and lower bounced back after recent losses.

The largest price gains in the stronger market was again crossbred fleece as it was well supported. The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator increased 17 cents to finish at 1960c/kg clean, with 6.4 percent of the 43,053 bale offering passed in.

Mr Rookyard said online buying also strengthened with 212 bales sold on AuctionsPlus Wool.

“The lift in buying of superfine wool was also seen online, following the demand of the physical auctions, as 45 of the bales sold online were in the 17.5 micron and below range.”

The top price online of 2505c/kg greasy, or 3474c/kg clean, was paid for a two-bale line of non-mulesed superfine 13.7 micron Merino fleece that yielded 71.1 percent, with an average staple length of 90mm, a tensile strength of 29 Newtons/kilotex and 0.5pc vegetable matter content.

A five-bale line of 16.2 micron AAAM was sold for 1635c/kg greasy, or 2437c/kg clean. The 94mm line had a yield of 67.1pc, a tensile strength of 31N/kt and 0.9pc vm.

A two-bale line of 17 micron Merino fleece with a yield of 71.4pc, length of 60mm, tensile strength of 57N/kt and 0.5pc vm sold for 1665c/kg greasy, or 2332c/kg clean.

An eight-bale line of 18.1 AAM sold for 1445c/kg greasy, or 2247c/kg clean. It yielded 64.3pc, was 64mm long, with a tensile strength of 60N/kt and 0.6pc vm.

A 10-bale line of 19.4 micron Merino fleece sold for 1220c/kg greasy, or 2075c/kg clean. It yielded 58.8pc, was 60mm long, with a tensile strength of 54N/kt and 1pc vm.

Six bales of 21.7 micron Merino fleece with a yield of 51.3pc, average staple length of 53mm and 0.2pc vm sold for 820c/kg greasy, or 1598c/kg clean.

A seven-bale line of 20.6 micron Merino crutchings with a yield of 49.2pc, and 4.2pc vm sold for 545c/kg greasy, or 1108c/kg clean.

Crossbred wool also sold well

AuctionsPlus Wool sold 21 bales of crossbred fleece last week, ranging from 22-25 micron. The top crossbred price of 800c/kg greasy, or 1071c/kg clean, was paid for a seven-bale line of 25.1 micron lambs fleece that yielded 74.7pc, was 62mm long, with a tensile strength of 57N/kt and 1pc vm.

Mr Rookyard said there are about 33,500 bales on offer in Australia this week, including about 8000 in Sydney, 19,000 in Melbourne, 6000 in Fremantle and 4500 listed on AuctionsPlus Wool.

“This significant drop in offering, coupled with the offerings predicted to decline for coming weeks, will no doubt have an effect on the market and buying sentiment for coming weeks.”


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