Competing ideas and effective policy needed at the VFF

WESTERN District sheep producer Peter Small puts the case for tolerance of competing ideas rather than elitism and effective member-centric policy development as the Victorian Farmer Federation faces internal division…Read More

Guest Author, February 23, 2024

Driest hottest year ever, or driest and hottest for selected records?

OPINION Almost without fail when discussions turn to the weather, media commentators or scientists will report that the particular weather phenomena they are talking about is the most extreme that..Read More

Mick Keogh, Australian Farm Institute, January 25, 2016

Letter – Live export for a better world

Our live export industry represents much more than just the ferrying of live animals to hungry markets, argues wool industry identity, Chick Olsson. ..Read More

Chick Olsson, June 5, 2015

Opinion: How the imperative for business value will transform rural industry bodies

Dissatisfaction with industry bodies across the agricultural sector is rising, but whether meaningful reforms occur is much less certain. Most change initiatives fail to produce intended benefits, but the good news is that a subtle and powerful shift is occurring that greatly increases the odds of success, argues respected consultant, Brian Ramsay…Read More

Brian Ramsay*, September 16, 2014

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