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New sheep pain relief product approved for castration and tail-docking

Terry Sim August 26, 2016
Ilium Buccalgesic is now approved for sheep use.

Ilium Buccalgesic is now approved for sheep use.

A NEW oral liquid pain relief product for sheep has been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for the alleviation of pain associated with tail-docking and castration.

Troy Laboratories confirmed today that the APVMA has approved an extension of use for its product Ilium Buccalgesic OTM (Buccalgesic) for tail-docking and castration of sheep at any age.

Troy sales and marketing head Evan Rees said an additional registration for use when mulesing lambs is hopefully not too far away with outstanding results achieved in completed CSIRO trial work and documentation to be submitted to the APVMA shortly.

“So it could literally be a three-in-one pain management solution for sheep undergoing tail-docking, castration and mulesing.”

Troy Laboratories said the Ilium Buccalgesic dosage rate for sheep is 1mg/kg liveweight with an estimated dose cost of around 48 cents for animals under 10kg lwt, about 72 cents for 10.1-15kg lwt animals and about 96 cents for 15.1-20kg lwt lambs.

With growing producer and wool market interest in best practice pain relief, the product has been keenly anticipated by Australian wool growers and sheep meat producers. Ilium Buccalgesic OTM has been available for use in cattle since 2015. The formulation approved for use in sheep is identical.

Buccalgesic is a viscous liquid containing the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug meloxicam. It is applied using a drench-like gun applicator into the space between the gum and inside of the cheek of an animal. The active ingredient is effectively absorbed through the buccal mucosa and delivers pain relief within 15-30 minutes, with efficacy lasting 24 hours or longer.

Troy Laboratories’ S4 Buccalgesic product will be able to be used by sheep producers after veterinary consultation. Boehringer Ingelheim’s pain-relieving product Metacam 20 achieved APVMA approval in May this year for anti-inflammatory use in sheep and can also be administered to lambs by a farmer or sheep contractor after the product is prescribed with directions on use by a veterinarian.

The only other pain relief product approved for use in sheep is Bayer’s Tri-Solfen, which is registered for use for mulesing, but is not approved for use for tail docking or castration.

Troy Laboratories said Ilium Buccalgesic is given prior to any sheep husbandry procedures. The ready-to-use unique oral formulation is quick and easy to use, and incorporates a blue dye for dosing visibility. Oral dispensing avoids the risk of needle-stick injury to handlers and injection site damage to the carcase. Troy Laboratories said the product has a wide margin of safety, with no adverse effects or abnormal findings at up to five times the recommended dosage rate.

Source: Troy Laboratories.


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