Heavy lamb indicators hit 600c/kg as competition heats up in saleyards

Sheep Central, July 31, 2015
Menindee producers Glen and Nyoli Bell of Bono Station NSW sold 602 lambs for up to $125 at Ouyen on Thursday.

Glen and Nyoli Bell from Menindee were at Ouyen to see 602 lambs offered by their son and daughter-in-law Craig and Rebel Bell, of Bono Station NSW, sell for up to $125 on Thursday.

COMPETITION improved for quality of trade and heavy lambs offered in saleyards mid-week.

In New South Wales, buyers are being offered yardings with up to 20-30 percent new season lambs, including drafts over 22kg cwt.

The National Livestock Reporting Service said more heavy lambs over 30kg were yarded at Wagga on Thursday, where heavy and extra heavy lambs sold from $156-$208, or 580-606c/kg. Trade weight new season lambs sold from 580-673c/kg in various NSW saleyards over the last two days.

Wagga’s trade weight new season lambs with $8-$13 skins made from $118-$158 or 580-673c/kg and 22.1-26kg lambs ($8-$13 skins) sold from $138-$171.60, or 565-668c/kg. The 12.1-18kg suckers with $1-$6 skins made $81.20-$107, or 537-605c/kg.

At the Carcoar’s Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange on Wednesday, 16.1-18kg new season lambs ($11 skins) sold for $116 or 585c/kg and 18.1-20kg suckers ($11 skins) made $132 or 637c/kg.

Cootamundra’s light new season lambs, 12.1-18kg with $1-$8 skins, sold for $81.60-$113 on Wednesday, or 526-593c/kg. The trade weights with $8-$12 skins made $121-$148.50, or 595-630c/kg, and the 22.1-26kg lambs with $12 skins sold for $150-$155, or 572-575c/kg.

In at Horsham on Wednesday, 12.1-16kg new season lambs with $5-$6 skins made $82-$101, or 550-594c/kg, and 16.1-18kg lambs with $8 skins sold for $119, or 617c/kg.

NLRS indicators improve for heavy lambs

After Thursday’s saleyards sales, the National Livestock Reporting Service quoted the national and Eastern States Daily Indicators for heavy lambs improving to 600c/kg, a 3 cent lift in the east, and 4 cents nationally.

The other lamb ESDIs are: restocker 530c/kg, down 5c; Merinos 533c/kg, down 4c; light 511c/kg, down 10c and trade 591c/kg, down 2c. The national trade lamb indicator was also down 2 cents to 590c/kg.

The ESDI for mutton closed on 376c/kg, down 5 cents, and the national indice was down 6 cents to 372c/kg.

Carcoar’s trade lambs $10 dearer

In New South Wales at the Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange at Carcoar on Wednesday, the agents yarded 6250 lambs, 950 fewer than last week, and 2420 sheep, 380 less.

The NLRS said it was a better quality yarding with an improved selection of trade and heavier weight lambs. Most of the regular buyers operated in a stronger market.

Light weight lambs were up to $10 dearer, with the 12-18kg cwt 2 scores selling from $65-$95 to the processors. Trade lambs were $10 dearer and more in places, with the 18-22kg 3 scores making $100-$143, to average 591c/kg cwt. Heavy weight lambs were $8-$10 dearer, with the over 22kg 4 scores selling from $135-$172 to average 604c/kg. Restockers paid to $112 and hoggets sold to $129.

It was a plainer quality yarding of mutton, yet most grades sold $3-$7 dearer. The 2 score ewes sold from $44-$79, and the better medium and heavy weight crossbreds made $88-$134 and the Merinos sold to $119. The better finished Merino wethers sold from $114-$142.

Cootamundra lambs up $2-$6

At the Cootamundra saleyards on Wednesday, the agent yarded 4700 lambs, 900 fewer than last week, and 3800 sheep, 900 less.

The NLRS said lamb quality was plainer. About 600 new season lambs were offered, along with a good number of medium and heavy old trade weights and a handy run of heavy weights. More light Merino lambs were offered and quality slipped. Not all the usual buyers operated in a dearer trade and export market.

Secondary Merinos sold cheaper. New season trade weights ranged from $120-$148 and heavier weights made to $155. The medium and heavy old trade weights sold $2-$6 dearer, from $110-$148. Heavy lamb prices increased at a similar rate to $146-$160. Extra heavy lambs sold to $180. Most ranged between 570-620c/kg cwt. Light Merino lambs ranged from $65-$95.

Mutton quality was very mixed. Medium weight ewes sold from $78-$116 and heavy crossbred ewes reached $134. Heavy Merino ewes with a big skin sold to $147.20. The better covered lines averaged 370-430c/kg cwt.

Deniliquin new season lambs average 620c/kg

At the Deniliquin saleyards on Wednesday, the agents yarded 2283 lambs and 1700 sheep.

The NLRS said there were odd pens of better finished lambs off feed or irrigation country. Most of the yarding was lighter weight lambs, including large lines of plain quality Merinos.

All the regular buyers operated in a market that fluctuated on quality. The better quality domestic and export slaughter lambs were dearer compared to the previous sale a fortnight ago, while secondary lambs lacking condition and carcase shape were cheaper.

Just a few pens of new season lambs offered and the top two drafts suiting domestic orders sold to $154 and averaged over 620¢/kg cwt. Agents expect the flush of new season lambs to begin in the next sale in a fortnight’s time.

Light lambs were dominated by Merinos, which made up more than 15 percent of the yarding. Most were in very plain fat score 1 and 2 conditions and sold cheaper; at $40-$68 for the plainest and smallest pens, and from $88-$123 for the better trade weights.

Light weight crossbred slaughter lambs generally sold from $70-$96. The general run of trade weight lambs sold from $102-$141, mostly from 540-560¢/kg cwt.

The limited selection of heavy export lambs in mostly smaller pen lots sold from $151-$178.

The mutton market trended cheaper, with plainer conditioned trade weight ewes the most affected. Most of the lighter weight sheep sold from $46-$66. Heavy crossbred ewes made $105-$128. Heavy bare shorn Merinos sold to $100.

Wagga’s heavy lambs sell to $208

At the Wagga saleyards on Thursday, the agents yarded 25,400 lambs, 400 more than last week, and 11,000 sheep, 3000 more.

Numbers increased and quality was very mixed, with many producers offloading the tail end of their old lighter weight lambs. More than 5000 new season lambs were penned, along with a few pens of supplementary fed shorn lambs. These drafts offered buyers more yield and major domestic processors dominated this category. More lambs over 30kg cwt were yarded in the extra heavy lamb category. The usual domestic and export buyers competed in a dearer market.

Secondary lambs suitable to restock or feed on were in short supply, with only limited restocker activity and no lot feeder competition. Bidding was strong for well-finished new season lambs. Medium and heavy new season trade lambs made from $132-$170 to average 627c/kg cwt. Medium and heavy old trade lambs were well supplied and averaged 598-622c/kg. The better finished heavy trade lambs ranged from $144-$165.

Well-finished Merino trade lambs made from $110-$142 with a pen of heavy Merino lambs topping at $154. Light lambs to the processor fell $5 to $71-$105.

Heavy export lambs were in reasonable supply and all buyers were eager for a market share. Heavy and extra heavy lambs sold from $156-$208, or 580-606c/kg.

Mutton quality was mixed, with increased supplies of recently shorn sheep. Ewe mutton suitable for the trade sold $5-$8 cheaper, to range from 348-407c/kg cwt. Heavy sheep were well-supplied and demand was weaker for all classes. Heavy mutton sold from $97-$134 to average 397c/kg.

Hamilton’s better trade and heavy lambs up $5

In Victorian at the Hamilton saleyards on Wednesday, the agents yarded 2302 lambs, 2823 fewer than last week, and 2646 sheep, 8 less.

The NLRS said lamb quality was plainer. The only restocker activity was for young Merino lambs. The usual buyers were present, but not all operated. Demand remained strong for better finished 3 and 4 score trade weight and heavy weight lambs that sold firm to $5 dearer. Prices for light trade weight 2 score lambs were $4-$6 easier.

Light weight lambs 1 and 2 score sold from $46-$99 and light trade 2 and 3 score lambs made $81-$110. The medium trade to heavy trade lambs 3 scores sold from $121-$138 to average 585c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs 4 score sold from $144-$165.

The sheep were mostly good drafts of medium weight and light weight Merino wethers. Prices were unchanged for the medium and heavy mutton, but light 1 and 2 score Merino ewes were $3-$8 cheaper in places. Extra light 1 score sheep sold from $24-$47 and light weight 1 and 2 scores made from $48-$76. Medium mutton 2 and 3 score sold from $74-$92, or 330-390c/kg cwt to average 370c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score sheep sold from $91-$112. Local agents also operated on the Merino wethers, with the better quality Merino wethers making $76-$98 to sell at an estimated 390c/kg. Ram sold from $47-$85.

Horsham lambs sell firm

At the Horsham saleyards on Wednesday, the agents yarded 1746 lambs, 62 fewer than last week, and 3634 sheep, 1404 less.

The NLRS said lamb quality was mixed in the typical winter yarding. Most of the regular buyers attended.

Lambs generally sold firm on last week with the few pens of heavy lambs making $150-$175. Several pens of new season young lambs were yarded selling from $101-$119. Restockers paid $82 for young lambs, and light weight 1 and 2 score lines sold from $82-$95. Lighter trade 2 and 3 score lambs made $108-$125, to average around 590c/kg cwt. Trade weight 3 and 4 score lambs ranged from $123-$144, or 530-620c/kg, to average around 580c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score lambs sold from $150-$175. New season young lambs made $101-$119. Merino lambs sold from $87-$95. Heavy hoggets sold from $116-$120.

Sheep mostly sold to a cheaper trend, to be $5-$10 easier in places. More shorn lighter weight Merino ewes were offered. Light weight 1 and 2 score sheep sold from $50-$72. Medium weight 2 and 3 score sheep sold from $73-$97, or 340-420c/kg cwt, with Merinos averaging around 370c/kg. Heavy 3 to 5 score sheep sold from $82-$120, with heavy Merino wethers making $88-$111. Medium weights sold from $73-$96, or 380-390c/kg. Crossbred ewes with lambs at foot sold to $124.

Ouyen lambs $5-$8 dearer

At the Ouyen saleyards on Thursday, the agents yarded 12,055 lambs and 4498 sheep.

Lambs sold $5-$8 dearer than the last sale two weeks ago. Mutton was firm.

Export weight crossbred lambs sold from $144-$198.50, or 600-610c/kg), ad trade weights made $108-$160, or 550-620c/kg.

Light weight Merino lambs sold from $100-$124, or 560-580c/kg, and the heavy lines made $114-$123, or 530-550c/kg.

The light sheep sold from $46-$85, or 360-400c/kg, and the heavy lines made $90-$134.60, or 370-390c/kg.

Katanning lamb prices improve

In Western Australia at the Katanning saleyards on Wednesday, the agents yarded 3257 lambs, 257 more than last week, and 2000 sheep, 1589 fewer.

The NLRS said it was a very mixed quality yarding of lambs, but prices improved. Light new season lambs sold to $55. Air freight lambs sold from $79-$100, to average $90. Crossbred lambs weighing 18-22kg made $119-$125, to average $123. Similar weight Merino lambs sold from $60-$108, to average $88. Merino lambs sold to restockers for $30-$74, averaging $62. Store crossbred lambs sold to feeders for $33-$62, to average $59.

Young merino wethers sold to restockers and feeders for $60-$95, to average $80. Prices were firm for some good lines of ewes. Light ewes and the 2 score processor mutton made $42-$68, while the better 3 score mutton sold from $62-$95, to average $90. Restockers paid $52-$75, or an average of $62 for younger ewes.

Wether prices were up $5, with processors paying $85-$102, and restockers and feeder buyers $65-$92. Rams sold firm at $5-$80 to processors and feeders, and restockers paid $10-$80.

Warwick lambs firm to dearer

In Queensland at the Warwick saleyards on Wednesday, the agents yarded 735 lambs and hoggets, and 263 sheep.

The Warwick Selling Agents said the market was firm to dearer for all descriptions.

Crossbred lambs 46-55kg lwt sold from $134-$154, the 42-45kg lambs made $124-$140, the 36-42kg lines ranged from $118-$137 and the 35-40kg lots made $104-$113.50. Shorn crossbred hoggets, 66kg lwt, made $136.

In the sheep pens, trade wethers with $15 skins sold to $145 or 430c/kg cwt and light wethers with $5 skins made $63 or 350c/kg. Heavy crossbred ewes with $15 skins old to $138 or 420c/kg, and the light ewes with $5 skins made $82 or 350c/kg.

Sources: MLA, NLRS.


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