First cross ewes with lambs sell to $321 on AuctionsPlus

Sheep Central, June 5, 2017

These 22kg cwt composite lambs at Nile in Tasmanaia sold for $151 on AuctionsPlus last week.

FIRST cross ewes with lambs sold to $321 and Merino ewe-lamb units made $261 on AuctionsPlus last week.

Some of the first new season lambs were also offered online, making to $126.50 in New South Wales.

Online sheep and lamb numbers rose 15,473 to 55,210 head last week, an increase of 15,473 from last week. The clearance rate was 77 percent.

First cross ewes and lambs topped this week’s market with 180 20-21 month-old late-September shorn from Manildra, NSW making $321. The 53.2kg score 3 ewes had 185 1-2 month-old Poll Dorset lambs.

A line of 275 5-7 year-old first cross ewes with a small percentage of composites made $286 at Euroa, Victoria. The 70.5kg score 3 mid-September shorn ewes had 390 4-8 week-old Poll Dorset and White Suffolk lambs.

Scanned in-lamb first cross ewes sold to $297, for a line of 174 2-year-olds, scanned in-lamb 169pc to Poll Dorset rams at Wellington, New South Wales. The 72kg score 3 ewes were early-October shorn.

At Violet Town in Victoria, 261 April-June 2016 drop mid-November shorn first cross ewe lambs made $292. They were scanned in-lamb 146pc to Southdown and Charollais cross rams, weighed 53kg and were mostly score 3.

Merino ewes and lambs to $261

High prices were recorded for a large supply of Merino ewes in all states. The top line of 420 20-22 month-old early-December shorn scanned Merino ewes at Collarenebri, NSW, made $226. The 50.5kg score 1 ewes were scanned in-lamb 132pc to Border Leicester rams.

Merino ewes and lambs sold to $261 for 280 mid-February shorn 2 year-old ewes at Jerilderie, NSW, with 223 1-3 month-old Poll Dorset lambs. The 42.7kg ewes were mostly score 1.

New season lambs to $126.50

Several lines of 2017-drop second cross lambs were listed last week. A line of 300 unshorn March drop Poll Dorset cross lambs weighing 11kg cwt and score 2 sold for $126.50 or 498c/kg lwt at Cootamundra, NSW. A 10.8kg cwt draft of 260 lambs from the same vendor made $111.50 or 587c/kg lwt. Another line of 205 January-February 2017 drop Poll Dorset cross lambs at Stuart Town, NSW, made $126 or 380c/kg lwt. These lambs weighed 16.1kg cwt and were mostly score 3.

Slaughter lambs sell to $178

The 34-36kg lw 2016 drop store lambs made $115-$126.50 to average $121 or 338c/kg lwt and the 37-38kg lambs sold from $110-$137.50 to average $126 or 400c/kg lwt.

Slaughter lambs this week also presented well online last week. A stand-out line of 428 August-September 2016 drop late-March shorn White Suffolk cross lambs, weighing 26kg cwt and score 4 in condition sold for $178 or 684.4c/kg cwt including skin at Longford in Tasmania. Another line of 490 22kg cwt August-September crop composite lambs at Nile, Tasmania, sold for $151. They were mid-February shorn and score 3.

Merino wether lambs sell to $129.50

Merino wether lambs averaged out at $107 last week, selling to $129.50 for a line of 720 June-July 2016 drop early December shorn lambs at Elmhurst in Victoria. The 16.3kg cwt lambs were mostl score 1.  A line of July/August 2016 drop line of Merino lambs at Keith in South Australia made $122.

A line of 1840 late May-shorn Dohne wether lambs split over four lots made $118 at Goodooga in NSW. These July/August 2016 drop wethers weigh 16.6kg cwt.

Source: AuctionsPlus.


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