AWEX releases latest NWD after industry collaboration

Sheep Central, March 11, 2022

STRONGER collaboration between exporters, brokers and the Australian Wool Exchange has led to today’s release of the latest version of the National Wool Declaration.

AWEX chief executive officer Mark Grave released the finalised NWD V9.3 today and said the 2022 NWD review has been completed following extensive consultation and feedback from industry.

“AWEX appreciates the constructive comments received from organisations and individuals,” he said.

The approved key changes to the NWD V9.3 are:

  • NM (non-mulesed) definition refers to the exclusion of liquid nitrogen,
  • Introduction of Liquid Nitrogen (LN) for sheep treated with liquid nitrogen,
  • LN mobs to be identified separately from NM, AA (pain relief), M (mulesed), ND (not declared) mobs,
  • CM (ceased mulesing) has been retained.

Mr Grave said both NWD questions relating to Ceased Mulesing (CM) Status now have a 12-month timeframe, and NM & LN clips may be eligible for CM, where NM or LN is used on the youngest mobs.

The attached NWD V9.3 template includes the categories, their definitions and supporting  explanations.

Mr Grave said it is important that industry stakeholders developing documents or stationery must not change any of the wording or definitions in the NWD V9.3.

“This is to ensure consistency of the NWD, to maximise the integrity of all Australian declarations, and to provide our customers with clarity on each NWD category enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.”

Mr Grave said that in finalising this NWD review, the AWEX board is announcing that a full review will commence in 2023, for implementation in July 2024.

He said the NWD V9.3 will come into effect on 25 July 2022.

“All selling agents are encouraged to adopt early the NWD V9.3 to allow all declarations to be made using V9.3 by 25 July 2022.

The implementation and communication strategy from mid-March 2022 will include the release of NWD V9.3 and the business rules to industry stakeholders, advice on IT system requirements and new code(s). A communications campaign including NWD brochures, templates and update FAQ documentation updated will be released to industry and published on the AWEX website

Mr Grave advised that NWD V8.0 or earlier versions received prior to 25 July 2022 will remain valid, but from 25 July 2022 all declarations must be made using NWD V9.3.

AWEX board applauded for closer industry collaboration

National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia president Rowan Woods said the finalisation of the latest NWD version had been a collaborative exercise between AWEX, NCWSBA and ACWEP.

“The latter two were not satisfied with the original draft, and after some further discussion with AWEX, an improved version has been agree to.”

He said NCWSBA and Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors had members who required Ceased Mulesing to be a part of the NWD because they still had CM wool under contracts.

“Whilst we acknowledge that the ‘Ceased Mulesing’ classification’s days may be numbered, we are just not in a position yet to be without that classification.

“So we wanted AWEX to reinstate that, which they have done,” he said.

“I have to give credit where credit is due and (AWEX chair) Robyn Clubb and her team have been very helpful and collaborative.

“So now we will have a further review starting next year and it will be more collaborative with more involvement by industry, and that’s all we really ever wanted, to make sure that everyone who was affected had an opportunity to have a say,” Mr Woods said.

He expected there will be “further tweaking” of the NWD in 2023.

“We are trying to make this an evolving document so that it just keeps gaining credibility, not losing it.

“There is still some further work to be done on the business rules associated with this particular version.”

ACWEP president Josh Lamb said the input of exporters and processors into the latest NWD version had been informed by market demands.

“As exporters and processors, what is reflected on that document is what customers are requesting of Australian wool.

“So it is not necessarily about what wool growers need to do or are told to do, but it is actually what out customers are asking for, ” he said.

“And that’s where out input into that document came from.”

Click here to read the full AWEX update and attached NWD V9.3 template, including categories, definitions and supporting explanations.


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