AuctionsPlus Wool sellers reap benefits of auction market lift

Sheep Central, October 16, 2018

ONLINE wool sellers have benefited from a resurgence in prices in Australia’s physical auction market last week.

AuctionsPlus market operations supervisor Tom Rookyard said it looked like the wool market is “back on the up after finding a base”, as the benchmark AWEX Eastern Market Indicator gained 32 cents last week to close on 2023c/kg clean, or 1430 cents in US$ terms.

The Western Market Indicator 38 cents to close at 2170c/kg clean and just 7.3 percent of the national offering was passed in.

Mr Rookyard said the demand flowed online to AuctionsPlus Wool and 261 bales were sold from 28 different grower brands last week.

The top-priced lot online was a bale of 15.9 micron SUPAAAFM superfine Merino fleece wool from non-mulesed sheep that made 2700c/kg greasy, or 3520c/kg clean. The wool yielded 76.7pc, with an average stap0le length of 89mm, a tensile strength of 47 Newtons/kilotex and 0.3pc vegetable matter content. The bale was offered by Roberts Ltd of Tasmania under the Glen Stuart brand.

A three-bale line of 16.9 micron Merino fleece from sheep treated with pain-relief (PR) for mulesing sold for 2015c/kg greasy, or 2760c/kg clean. The line yielded 73pc, was 87mm long, with a tensile strength of 40N/kt and 0.1pc vm.

A five-bale line of 17.7 micron wool (not declared) with a yield of 60.2pc, average staple length of 66mm, tensile strength of 34N/kt and 0.7pc vm sold for 1511c/kg greasy, or 2510c/kg clean.

A five-bale line of 18.7 micron Merino wool (PR) made 1874c/kg greasy, or 2384c/kg clean. It yielded 78.6pc, was 106mm long, with a tensile strength of 49N/kt and 0.4pc vm.

A nine-bale line of 19.6 micron Merino fleeced (PR) with a yield of 68.5pc, staple length of 94mm, tensile strength of 34N/kt and 1.3pc vm sold for 1582c/kg greasy, or 2309c/kg clean.

A two-bale line of 20.7 micron AAACOM wool (PR) sold for 1660c/kg greasy, or 2240c/kg clean. The wool yielded 76.9pc, has an average staple length of 105mm, with a tensile strength of 44N/kt and 0.3pc vm.

A five-bale line of 21.4 micron AAAM (PR) with a yield of 71.7pc, staple length of 110mm, tensile strength of 31N/kt and 1.2pc vm sold for 1596c/kg greasy, or 2226c/kg clean.

Skirtings were topped by a three-bale line of 18.7 micron Merino pieces (ND) offered by Primaries of WA sold for 1317c/kg greasy, or 2244c/kg clean. The lot yielded 58.7pc, with an average staple length of 81mm, a tensile strength of 30N/kt and 1.9pc vm. It branded Bolo Downs.

A 10-bale line of 19.2 micron Merino bellies with a yield of 44.5pc and 14.2pc vm sold for 835c/kg greasy, or 1876c/kg clean. It was offered by Jemalong Wool and branded Yarraville/EM.

Mr Rookyard said an estimated 37,000 bales will be offered across all three auction centres this week.

“What’s more, with the estimated supply of only 37,000 and 36,000 bales in the upcoming weeks, overseas mills may be encourage to buy to ensure greasy wool stocks.”


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