AuctionsPlus online wool sales steady as auction prices lift

Sheep Central, June 4, 2019

AUCTIONSPLUS online wool sales were steady last week, as prices recovered on the physical auction market.

AuctionsPlus regional sales associate Ed Murphy said just 263 bales of wool were sold online as the benchmark AWEX Eastern Market Indicator rose 54 cents to 1887c/kg clean and brokers passed in 8.4 percent of the 24,273 bales offered.

Mr Murphy said the EMI increase was pushed by gains on all types and descriptions across all physical auction centres.

“Reports from the physical auctions suggested buying on both days at the southern centre reflected a real change in sentiment from recent weeks, as large gains were seen across all Merino micron price guides of around 30-80 cents.

There was a similar trend at the northern centre, but to a slightly lesser extent, with significant price changes on the first day slowing on the second day to gains of 20-48 cents, he said.

Mr Murphy said aggressive buying was reported during the single day of selling in the western centre leading to gains of 60-77 cents for Merino price indicators.

The top price paid on AuctionsPlus last week was 1830c/kg greasy, or 2585c/kg clean, for a bale of 15.5 micron Merino fleece wool. It had a yield of 70.8 percent, with an average staple length of 71mm, a tensile strength of 38 Newtons/kilotex and 0.7pc vegetable matter content.

A five-bale line of non-mulesed 16.8 micron Merino fleece with a yield of 54.1pc, staple length of 84mm, tensile strength of 37N/kt and 5pc vm sold for 1125c/kg greasy, or 2079c/kg clean.

A six-bale line of 17.8 micron fleece sold for 1400c/kg greasy, or 2219c/kg clean. The line had a yield of 63.1pc, staple length of 77mm, tensile strength of 32N/kt and 1.6pc vm.

A five-bale line of non-mulesed 18.5 micron Merino fleece made 1500c/kg greasy, or 2212c/kg clean. The line yielded 67.8pc, with a stanple length of 59mm, tensile strength of 38N/kt and 2.2pc vm.

A 12-bale line of 19.9 micron AAAM with a yield of 66.5pc, staple length of 90mm, tensile strength of 51N/kt and 1.1pc vm sold for 1520c/kg greasy, or 2286c/kg clean.

A three-bale line of 20.3 micron non-mulesed Merino fleece sold for 1443c/kg greasy, or 2206c/kg clean. The line yielded 65.4pc, a staple length of 87mm, a tensile strength of 36N/kt and 0.7pc vm.

A five-bale line of undeclared 21.3 micron Merino fleece with a yield of 64.1pc, staple length of 84mm, tensile strength of 32N/kt and 0.9pc vm sold for 1380c/kg greasy, or 2153c/kg clean.

Two lines of broader Merino fleece wool offered by Elders Adelaide for the ‘Watervalley’ brand sold for up to 1160c/kg greasy, or 1706c/kg clean, for an 11-bale line of undeclared 23.4 micron Merino fleece. The line yielded 68pc, with a staple length of 61mm, tensile strength of 68N/kt and 1.5pc vm.

The support for crossbred wool online was much quieter with just four of bales sold last week, Mr Murphy said. The top price for crossbred wool was 810c/kg greasy, or 1125c/kg clean, for a two-bale line of 25.4 micron AAAMX. The line yielded 72pc, with 0.8pc vm.

“Looking forward there is an offering of 23,600 bales next week as Fremantle goes to fortnightly sales.

“This continues the supply pressures and it is expected the market will continue its upward trend,” Mr Murphy said.


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