AuctionsPlus Merino ewes to $233 and first cross lambs to $237 in record month

Sheep Central, October 2, 2017

These May-June drop Poll Dorset cross lambs, 18.3kg cwt and score, at Goulburn in NSW sold for $120.50 on AuctionsPlus last week.

AUCTIONSPLUS sheep and lamb listings grew last week to round off a record monthly online offering as dry conditions continued across eastern Australia.

AuctionsPlus offered 117,295 sheep and lambs last week, 7236 more than the previous week. The 363,313 sheep and lambs offered online in September was AuctionsPlus’ highest monthly offering ever; exceeding the 341,791 head listed in November 2016.

AuctionsPlus market operations supervisor Tom Rookyard said last week’s online offering was boosted by feature sales, including the TA Field Estates Wyvern Sheep sale and the Narromine 1st cross breeder ewe sale.

Merino ewes to $233

AuctionsPlus offered 32,000 Merino and Poll Merino ewes and ewe lambs last week. Young ewe hoggets ranged from $90 to a top of $233, with an average of $154. The top-priced mob was a line of 250 unjoined Hannaton blood Poll Merino unjoined ewes from Kaniva, Victoria. The 15-16 month-old early August shorn ewes averaged 55.5kgs and were mostly score 4 in condition. At Prairie in Victoria, 402 15-16 month-old late August shorn Poll Merino hoggets, 56.2kg liveweight and score 4, sold for $220. At Harden in New South Wales, 360 13-14 month-old late January shorn unjoined Hazeldean blood Merino ewes, 53.6kg and score 3, sold for $202.

Old and proven Merino ewes sold from $72 to $192, with an average of $126. The top-priced line was 400 unjoined early April shorn two year-old ewes, 63.5kg and score 3, at Hay in NSW. A line 335 5-5.5 year-old late August shorn unjoined Merino ewes, 50kg and score 2, in the TA Field Estate Wyvern sale at Carrathool, NSW, sold for $162.

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Merino wether lambs to $110.50

About 24,000 Merino wethers and wether lambs were offered online last week.

Wether lambs averaged $84 online with a top price of $110.50. The top-price of $110 was paid for 437 May-June drop unshorn lambs, 15.7kg cwt and score 2, at Hallett in South Australia.  At Melrose in SA, 370 late August shorn Gumhill blood Merino wether lambs, 14kg cwt and score 2, sold for $109.50. At Hay in NSW, 492 unshorn May-June drop Caroonboon blood lambs, 16.4kg and score 2, sold for $107.50 and another 492 made $107.

Older Merino wethers averaged $81 and sold to $91 for 310 early December shorn 12-13 month-old hoggets at Nyngan, NSW, that weighed 16.1kg cwt and were mostly score 1. A line of 600 2.5-3.5 year-old mid-August shorn wethers at Cunnamulla, Queensland, 213.9kg cwt and score 2, sold for $90.

First cross ewe lambs to $237

Online first cross ewe numbers were boosted by the Narromine 1st cross breeder ewe sale last week, with 5255 head offered and prices to $233. Ewe lambs generally averaged $180 across the entire online offering last week, and made to $237. The top-priced line of 231 11-12 month-old early June shorn unjoined lambs at The Gap in NSW’s Riverina weighed 60.1kg lwt and were mostly score 4.

First cross ewe lamb hoggets averaged $193 and sold to $233, with the top-priced line selling in the Narromine sale. The top-priced 240 14-15 month-old early August shorn ewes weighed 62.9kg lwt and were score 4 in condition. The sale also sold 280 early September shorn March-April drop lambs, 47.4kg lwt and score 4, for $212. At Cowra in NSW, 374 14-15 month-old mid-August shorn first cross ewes weighing 65.1kg lwt and score 4, made $210.

Second cross lambs sell to $120.50, first cross mixed sex to $132

The top second cross lamb price online last week was $120.50 for 300 unshorn May-June drop Poll Dorset-first cross lambs at Goulburn, NSW, that weighed 18.3kg cwt and were mostly score 2. The same price was paid for 400 unshorn June-July drop White Suffolk cross lambs at Mandurama in NSW. They weighed 17.3kg cwt and were mostly score 3. A second line of 575 14.3kg score 2 lambs from the same vendor made $110.50. Some of these lambs were sold to a Victorian buyer, 765km away near Ballarat.

At Wagga Wagga in NSW, 420 unshorn June-July drop Poll Dorset cross lambs, 17.3kg cwt and score 3, made $118. The same price was paid for 330 March-April drop unshorn Poll Dorset-Merino cross lambs at Boorowa, NSW. They weighed 19.5kg cwt and were mostly score 2. At Penola in South Australia, 300 unshorn May-June drop Poll Dorset cross lambs, 11.9kg and score 2, sold for $107.50.

Fist cross mixed sex lambs sold to $132 for 780 May-June drop unshorn lambs at Binalong in NSW, that weighed 35.3kg lwt and were mostly score 2.

Mr Rookyard said there was plenty of interstate buying this week with lambs heading up and down the country. A line of 250 unshorn June-July drop Dohne wether lambs 25.5kg lwt (11kg cwt) and score 1 at Wagga Wagga, NSW, sold to a Victorian buyer 580km south at Horsham for $62. The NSW vendor sold 500 32.4kg lwt (14kg cwt) lambs from the same drop for $78.

Store lamb sales by weight

24kg to 28kg made $62-$107.50 to average $84 or 313c/kg lwt

29kg to 32kg made $78-$110.50 to average $100 or 322c/kg

33kg to 36kg made $93-$132 to average $107.50 or 305c/kg

37kg to 40kg made $100-$132 to average $115 or 296c/kg

Source: AuctionsPlus.


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