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An open letter to Australian sheep and wool producers

Sponsored Content, September 12, 2023


Re: Request for producer support in rescheduling injectable Meloxicam for improved animal welfare

As dedicated stewards of both our industry and our animals, we are united by a shared commitment to ensuring the best possible welfare for our livestock.

It is with this spirit of care and responsibility that we reach out to you today.

Animal welfare is a core value.

It unites us as livestock producers. We all strive to provide our animals with the best possible conditions, including when it comes to procedures that might cause discomfort. In this regard, we are writing to you with a call for support that could significantly enhance the wellbeing of lambs during marking procedures.

Make pain relief a practical option.

Currently, injectable meloxicam, a proven pain relief solution, faces restrictions in its accessibility. We believe that the time has come to advocate for a change that would make this vital pain relief option more readily available to us, as those with direct responsibility for livestock care every day.

Rescheduling could make the difference.

Rescheduling injectable meloxicam combined into a vaccine to be available over-the-counter is an initiative that holds immense opportunity for animal welfare. By streamlining the access to this innovative pain relief option, we can ensure that lambs undergoing marking procedures receive the comfort and relief previously not as easily accessible.

Imagine a scenario where pain relief is no longer inhibited by poor access, where we can choose to administer systemic pain relief swiftly and effectively to our animals, enhancing their welfare without unnecessary delays.

Collective action needed.

This change hinges on collective action. That is where your support comes in. Join us in making a difference by voicing your support for the rescheduling of injectable meloxicam combined into a vaccine. Your perspective, as experienced livestock producers, will hold significant weight. It will drive change that benefits both our animals and our industry as a whole.

We need your endorsement.

Your endorsement of our innovative combination product would contribute to making injectable meloxicam more accessible. It will create a positive impact on the wellbeing of the lambs we’re responsible for. We understand that fast access to practical options, especially when it comes to relieving pain and distress, is important to all livestock producers. With over-the-counter availability, we can ensure that pain relief is no longer out of reach.

Your support and your perspective are valuable.

In the coming days, we will be engaging in a submission to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to advocate for this crucial rescheduling decision. Your support, your voice and your perspective will strengthen our cause and bolster our plea for change. We believe that together, we can make a meaningful difference and elevate the standards of animal welfare in our industry.

Together let’s make a difference.

We kindly ask you to consider lending your name and your voice to this effort. If you are in agreement, please let the TGA know how important animal welfare is to you and how poor access to prescription meloxicam impacts your ability to deliver the right welfare solutions at marking. Scan the QR code below to share your story.

Or visit: https://consultations.tga.gov.au/tga/scheduling-pre-meeting-november-2023/

Want more information on this innovation in lamb welfare and the rescheduling of meloxicam? Scan the QR code below for further details.

Or visit: lambwelfare.com.au

Thank you for your time, consideration and continued commitment to our shared values. We look forward to the positive change that we can create together.

Sincerely in welfare,

Source: Virbac



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  1. Andrew Hunt, September 26, 2023

    Combined with a vaccine ? Really – it won’t have time to work before lambs are marked or mulesed.
    It will be used “off-label” in a lot of other industries as well and who is going to police the withholding for slaughter? Someone has to take responsibility. I’m all for animal welfare – and it is accessible if people actually ask and look around. It’s a ‘No’ vote from me.
    Dr Andrew Hunt

  2. Adrienne Beattie, September 23, 2023

    These are native dingoes that have been here for thousands of years and it is even thought now at lot longer. They are not an introduced and invasive species like us and your sheep.
    It’s about time for the truth and the persecution of our native species and was bought to light and the public knew the truth.
    Australia and New Zealand are the two biggest main users of 1080 and in the US and most other countries it has been banned because of it’s inhumane cruelty. In New Zealand it is used to kill possums. The truth will win in the end, we will fight to make this happen.

  3. Glenn Nix, September 15, 2023

    Easier to get, easier to use and cheaper when it is used as standard practice .

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