Lamb and mutton prices jump as rain falls and sellers favour saleyards

Sheep Central, 24 May 2017

LAMB and mutton sheep prices continued to rise in saleyards early this week, as rainfall exacerbated an already tight supply situation. Recent price rises have flushed more lambs off farms and feedlots, and numbers increased at New South Wales, Victorian and Western Australian saleyards.

Total grazing pressure in Australia’s rangelands is new research focus

Sheep Central, 24 May 2017

AN investment plan to benefit sheep, goat and cattle production across Australia’s rangelands will be developed in a project supported by Meat & Livestock Australia.

MLA pursues DEXA roll-out with $10 million red meat processor project

Terry Sim, 22 May 2017

MEAT & Livestock Australia is going ahead with its campaign to install objective measurement systems across the red meat processing sector, despite an industry review of the initiative.

Can benchmarking your prime lamb production achieve what is possible?

Sheep Central, 22 May 2017

TOP prime lamb producers in a leading Australian benchmarking dataset achieved a $25/dry sheep equivalent profit last financial year, more than double the return of other participants. But opinions differ on what this means to other sheep producers and how they should rank the importance of benchmarking.

Red meat and livestock quality assurance now under one roof at MLA

Sheep Central, 22 May 2017

AUSTRALIA’S livestock and red meat quality assurance programs are to be rolled into a single streamlined management structure.

Lamb and mutton prices generally hold as supplies dwindle in saleyards

Sheep Central, 17 May 2017

SLAUGHTER lamb prices held generally firm to dearer this week, as restocking, domestic trade and export interest in lambs remained strong.

New livestock welfare partnership to focus on ‘aversive’ management practices

Terry Sim, 15 May 2017

UP to $35 million will be invested over five years in a new Australian animal welfare partnership that will target ground-breaking research into aversive practices such as branding, dehorning, and castration.

Saleyard slaughter lamb prices firm as supplies dwindle

Sheep Central, 12 May 2017

SLAUGHTER lamb prices held firm this week, despite more secondary lambs being yarded, as restockers and exporters competed across the light and trade categories, and processors fought over dwindling quality trade and heavy supplies.

Red meat printing initiative prompts 3D pop-up restaurant idea

Terry Sim, 10 May 2017

THE writing could be on the plate for Australia’s first pop-up fully 3D-printed restaurant. And lamb and beef will be on the menu if Meat & Livestock Australia has anything to do with it.

Pop-up restaurant in Sydney is latest weapon in MLA lamb armoury

Sheep Central, 09 May 2017

A POP-UP restaurant where Sydney patrons can pay for bespoke lamb meals with any currency is the latest innovation in Meat & Livestock Australia’s ongoing efforts to promote the premium sheep meat domestically.