Pastoral sheep producers optimistic about future for Merino and wool

Terry Sim, 10 February 2017

SHEEP producers in all of Australia’s pastoral areas, including outback Queensland, were looking to increase their Merino flock numbers, an Elders survey has indicated.

Wet wool prompts calls to dry fleece on farm and get the tarps out

Terry Sim, 19 October 2016

SHEEP producers nationally have welcomed recent sustained rainfall, but the return of widespread wet weather has brought its own set of issues for some wool growers and brokers.

White Suffolk breeders everywhere want a piece of $68,000 Anden ram

Sheep Central, 13 October 2016

IT’S only been a week since the new Australian auction record for a meat breed ram was set at $68,000 by the Anden White Suffolk stud, but the list of potential semen buyers is growing.

Glendemar Merino rams sell to $10,000 as non-mulesed wool enquiries increase

Sheep Central, 12 October 2016

COMMERCIAL non-mulesed Merino growers were in a good position to take advantage of industry expansion, Marnoo stud breeder Ben Duxson said last week.

Record $456 ewe and lamb sale proves there’s money in good management

Terry Sim, 05 October 2016

BRIM farmer Bernie Lindsay knows there is money in good sheep management after his two-year-old first cross ewes and lambs were sold for a record $456 at the Elders Wycheproof sheep sale last week.

Elders to exit live sheep and cattle export trade after $2.9m loss in six months

Sheep Central, 12 September 2016

ELDERS has decided to exit from its long haul live export business – including breeding sheep to Inner Mongolia, and feeder and slaughter cattle to China.

Elders auctioneer Ronnie Dix sells his way into rookie win at the Calgary Stampede

Sheep Central, 18 July 2016

SOUTH Australian Elders auctioneer Ronnie Dix was named Rookie of the Year at the 2016 Calgary Stampede International Livestock Auctioneer Championship at the weekend.

Historic livestock memorabilia goes up for ‘auction’ online

Jon Condon, 23 June 2016

An extensive catalogue of historic livestock and agricultural documents, photographs and other industry memorabilia, is being offered to interested stakeholders via an online auction.

Salt Creek crossbreds top sale, but Mr Coy happy with wool

Terry Sim, 11 December 2015

WOORNDOO stud breeder and commercial fine wool grower Peter Coy would prefer that the Merino ewes he sells at his annual sale were all joined to Merino rams, but he was happy for Elders to get $220 for his first cross offering.

Bulls, kelpies, now sheep join the muster

Terry Sim, 13 November 2015

THE first sheep have been listed on Australia’s new online selling platform, but since the format’s launch in April this year, bulls and working dogs have dominated the listings.