Sheep meat, wool prices to rise, live exports to decline – ABARES

Terry Sim, 19 June 2018

STRONG demand for more valuable sheep meat and wool exports is helping to underpin a forecast increase in Australia’s farm production value, according to the latest ABARES Agricultural Commodities report.

Goat meat prices and shipments boomed in May

Sheep Central, 08 June 2017

GOAT meat prices increased in May to more than 110c/kg above levels a year ago. Meat & Livestock Australia reported that goat slaughter also increased, driving meat exports higher into all major destinations during the month.

Goat meat prices are rebounding after dipping in April

Sheep Central, 09 May 2017

GOAT meat prices prices are bouncing back this month after drifting lower in April, Meat & Livestock Australia has reported.

Sheep producers face ‘best year yet,’ Melbourne forum told

Guest Author, 09 March 2017

Sheep producers could be in for their best year yet according to predictions made at an MLA forum in Melbourne today.

Goat meat prices are strong, but will farmers put more behind fences?

Sheep Central, 27 January 2017

EXPORT goat meat prices are staying strong, but export tonnages have been falling – so is farmed goat Australian production growing quick enough to help keep pace with overseas demand?

Domestic and export tussle over goat meat continues record price run

Sheep Central, 27 January 2017

CONTINUING competition between domestic and international goat meat markets has helped move product prices into record territory.

NZ lamb production set to decline for second consecutive year

Sheep Central, 07 November 2016

NEW Zealand lamb production has declined 3 percent this season, to close at 371,900 tonnes for the 2015-2016 season, and Beef + Lamb NZ anticipated lower lamb exports in 2016-17 as production reduced.

Record goat meat prices drive higher slaughter in July, but exports dip

Sheep Central, 09 August 2016

RECORD export goat meat prices have failed to dull strong processor demand for the animals in all eastern states.

February lamb exports hit record high, mutton exports slower

Sheep Central, 05 March 2015

Australian lamb exports reached 19,772 tonnes in February according to Department of Agriculture monthly shipment records released this week – up 3 percent year-on-year and the highest February volume on record.

Australian lamb exports set new value record – $1.7bn

Sheep Central, 12 February 2015

Australian lamb exports set a new value record during 2014 — hitting $1.7 billion – on the back of unprecedented slaughter and export volumes, and the weakening dollar. Meat and Livestock Australia said the value of 2014 exports was up 30 percent from the previous record set in 2013, underpinned by shipments to the Unites States, the Middle East and China.