Australian wool prices hold with strong pre-recess demand

Sheep Central, 14 July 2017

MOST Australian wool prices held relatively firm this week despite a higher $A-US exchange rate, as buyers secured supplies before the annual three-week recess.

Australian auction wool prices hold firm despite large bale offering

Sheep Central, 07 July 2017

AUSTRALIAN wool prices held their ground despite increased supplies on the auction market this week. AWEX’s rebased benchmark Eastern Market Indicator closed the week down one cent to 1524c/kg clean.

Australian wool prices finish season at record level despite weekly fall

Sheep Central, 30 June 2017

AUSTRALIAN wool prices finished at a record season-ending level this week, despite buyers pulling Merino rates back in expectation of larger auction offerings next month.

Broader apparel wools dominate online Wooltrade sales

Sheep Central, 27 June 2017

BROADER Merino and comeback wool continued to dominate online Wooltrade sales last week.

Wool prices lift for smallest seasonal bale offering

Terry Sim, 23 June 2017

WOOL prices surged for the smallest seasonal bale offering this year at auctions in Sydney and Melbourne this week. The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator rose 27 cents to 1533c/kg clean as brokers offered 22,298 bales.

Forward prices for wool expected to contract next week

Guest Author, 23 June 2017

IT was an interesting week on the wool forwards market. Volume was moderate in a week where unprecedented spring levels where paid.

Wool prices improve with renewed European and Chinese confidence

Sheep Central, 16 June 2017

RENEWED European interest in quality superfine wool and Chinese demand for medium Merino lines with lower vegetable matter content pushed prices generally higher this week.

Wool prices lift as demand strengthens for quality Merino clips

Sheep Central, 09 June 2017

RENEWED demand for quality Merino wool mid-week lifted prices at auction this week. The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator closed six cents higher on 1478c/kg clean, brokers passing in 9.1 percent of the 24,018-bale offering in Sydney and Melbourne.

Fine Merino wool prices slump as buyers wait-and-see on demand

Sheep Central, 02 June 2017

WOOL prices generally softened further this week, and especially for fine Merino clips, as retail demand traditionally slowed with the advent of the Northern Hemisphere, Australian Wool Innovation said.

Wool prices suffer as buyers push back on recent levels

Sheep Central, 26 May 2017

AUSTRALIAN wool prices faltered this week as buyer interest in superfine wool waned, according to Landmark wool technical officer Phillip Lipscombe.