Online wool sales lift with turnaround in auction prices

Sheep Central, 27 November 2018

ONLINE wool sales increased last week as overseas supply demands coupled with grower defiance at lower prices also led to an upward swing in physical auction rates.

Online wool sales dry up as auction pass-in rate stays low

Sheep Central, 19 June 2018

ONLINE wool sales have dried up as fewer lines are passed in at Australia’s booming physical sale-by-sample auctions.

Online wool demand restricted but consistent as auction market held firm

Sheep Central, 13 September 2017

AUCTIONSPLUS had restricted but consistent online enquiry for wool last week and market operations supervisor Tom Rookyard said with the physical wool market holding mostly firm, finer types attracted buyer interest.

Collaboration call as AWI board receives latest Wool Exchange Portal reports

Terry Sim, 28 April 2017

WOOL industry attitudes to change need to be addressed collaboratively for the proposed Wool Exchange Portal to succeed, according to the operator of Australia’s only online wool marketing platforms.

AuctionsPlus Wool achieves 70pc recess sale clearance

Sheep Central, 04 August 2015

AUCTIONSPLUS Wool cleared 70 percent of a 3638-bale offering in its annual recess sale week. AuctionsPlus Wool market operations officer Tom Rookyard said 11 national buyers competed actively on the 665 lots offered across 120 grower clips.

AuctionsPlus sheds wool and financial roles in restucture

Terry Sim, 22 May 2015

A strategic restructure of Australia’s online wool trading platforms has led to the redundancy of Wooltrade and AuctionsPlus Wool market operations manager Tony Benson and financial controller Debbie Dickson.

Interest in superfine wool on Wooltrade – 14.5 micron line makes 1946c/kg clean

Sheep Central, 03 March 2015

Ultrafine wool sold for more than 1900 c/kg clean on Wooltrade last week. Wooltrade market operations manager Tony Benson said the wool market showed some solid resilience last week to any downside, but still posted some minor price corrections in some of the Merino fleece categories.

Wooltrade results indicate buyer support

Sheep Central, 26 November 2014

Wooltrade’s top price last week was 1311c/kg clean for a bale of 15.8 micron Merino fleece wool that had 0.5 percent vegetable matter content, a yield of 76.3pc, staple length of 88mm and tensile strength of 32 Newtons/kilotex. The lot was offered by Jemalong Wool at Forbes, NSW.

Opportunities for sound wool

Sheep Central, 22 October 2014

Australia’s wool market offered short-term opportunities for woolgrowers able to keep their clip sound with low mid-point breaks, AuctionsPlus Wool market operations manager Tony Benson said.
“The market is actually ahead for this year by 26 cents and I see plenty of opportunity going forward for wool in the short term particularly for woolgrowers who have managed to keep a low mid-break and a reasonable tensile strength of about 35 Newtons/kilotex.

Good demand for broad Merino wool on Wooltrade offer-board

Sheep Central, 15 October 2014

Recent sales of 22 micron wool on the offer-board Wooltrade indicate good ongoing demand for broad Merino fleece, according to AuctionsPlus market operations manager Tony Benson. More than 1000 bales of wool were sold on Wooltrade last week as the physical wool market recorded some handsome price increases, Mr Benson said.