Scanned in-lamb first cross and Merino ewes top AuctionsPlus listings

Sheep Central, February 12, 2018

These scanned in-lamb first cross ewes sold for $251 at Bridgewater, Victoria, on AuctionsPlus last week.

SCANNED in-lamb first cross ewes sold to $251 and Merinos made to $237.50 on AuctionsPlus last week.

The number of sheep and lambs listed for sale online dropped by about 5683 to 77,094.

AuctionsPlus said prices remained firm overall, with a 67 percent clearance in six commercial sales, including 7500 head in one Tasmanian sale.

Merino ewe lambs presented well to average $146 with prices ranging from $66 up to $167 for 170 May-June 2017 drop mid-November shorn lambs at Kaniva in Victoria. The lambs weighed 41.6kg lwt and were mostly score 2 in condition.

With a high variability in condition and weight, Merino ewe hogget prices fell about $22 from last week to average $142. They ranged from $62 up to $197 for 280 17-month mid-November shorn unjoined ewes at Wellington, New South Wales. They weighed 54kgs lwt and were mostly score 3.

Scanned Merino ewes to $237.50

Grown Merino ewes also ranged broadly from $55 to $237.50 with an average of $146. The top-priced line comprised 244 .5 year-old early August shorn Poll Merino ewes at Stansbury in South Australia. They were scanned in-lamb to White Suffolk rams, weighted 74.1kg lwt and were mostly score 4. A line of 1200 6 year-old forward contract station ewes mated to Merino rams at Carrathool in NSW sold for $217.50 to a Cootamundra buyer. The late August shorn ewes averaged 75kgs and were mostly score 3.

Merino wether lambs to $143

Merino wethers, many fresh off-shears, were well-represented online. The lambs and grown wethers sold averaged $90, slightly higher than the 2017 February average of $87. Wether lambs sold from $53 up to $143 for 500 late September shorn April-May 2017 drop lambs weighing 49kgs lwt at Pyramid in Victoria. They sold to a buyer at Nathalia in Victoria. Grown wethers sold from $71 up to $132 for 200 21-22 month-old late September shorn wethers at Tailem Bend in South Australia. The wethers weighed 58kg lwt and were mostly score 2.

First cross ewes were well-represented in offerings across NSW and Victoria, with lambs selling from $175 to $200 and averaging $199. The top-priced line of 210 June-July 2017 drop lambs at from Gulargambone in NSW were late October shorn, weighed 50kg lwt and were mostly score 2.

Older first cross ewes made from $128 to $251 and averaged $187. The top-priced line of 283 4.5-5 year-old early March shorn ewes at Bridgewater in Victoria were scanned in-lamb 158pc to the White Suffolk. They weighed 92kg lwt, were mostly score 5 and sold to a Benalla buyer.

Other crossbred ewe lambs sold tightly between $151 and $188 to average $163. Older crossbred ewes averaged $161 and sold from $105 up to $205.50 for 191 2-3 year-old early September shorn Dohne/Merino ewes at Parrakie, South Australia. They were scanned in-lamb to the White Suffolk, weighed 78.5kg and were mostly score 1.

Store lamb highlights:

Composite wether lambs, 30kg, Portland, Victoria, sold for $95 or 316c/kg live.

Poll Dorset/Composite mixed sex lambs, 32kg, Minjah, Victoria, $115 or 359c/kg.

First cross wether lambs, 36kg, Binda, New South Wales, $85 or 236c/kg.

First cross mixed sex lambs, 38kg, Strathbogie, Victoria, $115 or 302c/kg.

White Suffolk cross mixed sex lambs, 40kg, Murray Bridge, SA, $127 or 317c/kg.

Poll Dorset/Primeline mixed sex lambs, 42kg, Gunning, Tasmania, $130 or 309c/kg

Charolais cross mixed sex lambs, 44kg, Sorell, Tasmania, $118 or 268c/kg.

Source: AuctionsPlus.

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