Weekly Property Review: Is it possible to fence in value?

Guest Author, 29 November 2018

IS the growing momentum being seen in investment in exclusion fencing for wild dog and kangaroo control yet being reflected in property values? Property editor Linda Rowley puts the question to a number of rural land valuers and other stakeholders….

Weekly property review: Is the goat ‘bubble’ about to burst?

Guest Author, 15 September 2017

Last week’s property review looked at how goats are becoming a serious sideline to extensive dry-area beef and sheep operations in southern states. This week the theme continues, with particular emphasis on Queensland, and where the future lies.

Weekly property review: Goats drive property surge in western areas

Guest Author, 06 September 2017

GOATS – once considered the poor cousins of the livestock sector – are becoming a serious sideline to beef and sheep operations, and excellent prices mean more marginal western country suitable for running goats is now much more attractive to investors, reports property editor Linda Rowley.

Property: Quality listings few and far between in southern NSW, Vic & SA

Sheep Central, 19 June 2017

Competition for grazing properties in southern areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia has become heated, with insufficient listings and the seasonal decline pushing significant rises in value.

Recruitment: Staff retention should be top of managers’ priority list

Sheep Central, 24 February 2017

The majority of Australian business managers are putting staff acquisition, staff retention and professional development for their staff at the top of their priority list for 2017, a recent survey has shown. Here’s eight areas that people managers across agriculture can focus on to achieve it.

Paraway’s Pier Pier aggregation likely to attract institutional, high net-worth investors

Sheep Central, 02 September 2016

Paraway Pastoral Co’s decision announced this afternoon to sell its Pier Pier Station aggregation near Coonamble in NSW is likely to generate significant interest from overseas and domestic institutional and high net-worth investors.

Weekly property review: How neighbours can value a property differently – Part 2

Guest Author, 08 October 2015

Queensland based rural accountants and advisers, Powers Agribusiness & Finance suggests clients should not adopt a ‘buy at any cost’ approach, despite the obvious attractions of adding to an existing grazing holding, should the opportunity arise.

Western Districts pastoral holding Beckworth Court offered for $15m WIWO

Sheep Central, 24 June 2015

Renowned Western Districts pastoral holding Beckworth Court is being offered for private sale for only the third time since settlement.

New Collinsville owner plans stud development

Terry Sim, 24 September 2014

Former coffee salesman and parcel company owner George Millington will deliver more than a cup of optimism to Australia’s wool industry with his purchase of the Collinsville Merino stud and its station home base. He and wife Sophie have already committed to next year holding the stud’s first on-property ram sale in six years, within 10 days of the Royal Adelaide show in September.

Property: Implications in the separation of land and water

Jon Condon, 02 July 2014

The roll-out of the separation of land and water across the eastern states over the past ten years has some important implications, suggests rural land valuer Scott Fuller from Herron Todd White.