Recruitment: Three tips on how to manage a team more effectively

Sheep Central, June 29, 2018

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  • Senior Farm Hand WA

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GOOD leaders will not only steer (no pun intended) a red meat supply chain business in the right direction, but will also motivate and inspire their team at the same time.

Whether it is a newly-appointed feedlot manager learning the ropes in leading and motivating his livestock and mill teams, or a seasoned stock camp boss who needs to polish up on his or her people skills, here are some tips on effective management for any business in the red meat or wool industry.

Excellent communication

Good communication is key for any working relationship, and between a manager and their team is no different.

To begin with, it promotes staff motivation by keeping staff up-to-date about projects and tasks, and ultimately how the business is tracking.

It is also important that managers encourage feedback with communication not only occurring around negative instances.

Effective managers should praise good work and positive achievements openly, to build confidence amongst the team and encourage involvement.

Staff should also feel comfortable approaching their team leader to ask any questions or raise any issues, so it is important managers make themselves accessible and listen to queries or concerns.

Staying true

An effective leader needs to be trusted and respected by their team and must be able to establish credibility.

This can be achieved by following-up, staying true to their word, having a proven track record and being known amongst the team for getting tasks done.

No one will respect an individual who is not being themselves or following through on promises.

Managers should set a good example and be who staff look to for guidance and inspiration.

If commitment to the job and 100 percent professionalism is expected from all the team, then managers must be setting an example themselves in order to gain respect.

Solid decision-making skills

It is essential that an effective leader is able to delegate jobs and tasks decisively and assert authority when needed.

All matters relating to planning, organising and staffing are settled through decisions made, and how they are handed will ultimately permeate through the business.

Quick and correct decision-making helps a business face and tackle new problems and challenges, achieve business growth, increase efficiency and motivate employees.


Source: Meat Processors Pty Ltd




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