Recruitment: How to build a more positive workplace culture

Sheep Central, September 2, 2022
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THERE are many benefits in creating a positive workplace culture, including attracting and retaining employees, strengthening your business ‘brand’ and delivering better productivity across the enterprise.

So how can a business, whether a small or large enterprise along the red meat industry supply chain, build a more positive culture?

Here are some key methods to help achieve it.

People matter

The most important part of any organisation or business is its people, therefore having the right people in your team is essential to creating a positive workplace culture.

Hire the right people from the beginning that not only have the skills necessary for the role but also have aligned values and behaviours that are important for the business.

Think to yourself, “If it wasn’t your business, or you weren’t managing the business, would you want to work here?”

If the answer is no, take steps towards improving the work environment by making employees feel valued and creating a positive environment to work.

Positive communication and feedback

Managers or leaders of a team are most effective when they are respected and trusted, and positive communication can help achieve this.

A team will exhibit positive behaviours when their manager or leader does, therefore it is essential to be open and honest, providing regular positive feedback to staff.

Effective communication will help build stronger relationships with staff. Consider, also, introducing an employee feedback system, which encourages staff to provide feedback on managers or leaders.

Make sure to acknowledge and respond to the feedback, and take on board any suggestions.

Employees always want to feel like they are being heard and understood and a feedback system can help achieve this.

Showing you care

When employees truly believe their superiors care, they are more productive, engaged and loyal to the business.

Get to know your staff well, and make it a priority to engage with them individually on a regular basis.

Make time for them if they need to discuss any concerns, and think about introducing regular one-on-one meetings if not already in place.

Share in team wins or good work and let staff know when you are grateful or appreciative of their work.

Allow flexibility if the role permits and be an approachable leader or manager.

Have fun

Managers or business owners should encourage their staff to have fun together – after all, workplace friendships are essential to building a positive workplace.

Knock off early on a Friday to have drinks or a scratch game of bush cricket, or organise regular social gatherings for staff outside of work to encourage engagement.

This brings together staff who might not usually talk to one another, and also gives you as a manager the chance to get to know your staff better.

Building a positive workplace culture is highly beneficial for businesses in any industry.

When initiatives are employed that focus on people and meeting their needs, you will build positive workplace cultures that will ultimately help the business grow.

Source: Meat Processors Pty Ltd



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