New season lamb prices slump $20 at saleyards

Terry Sim August 29, 2014

Lambs - saleyards 3New season lamb prices fell by up to $20 across the eastern states mid-week as fewer buyers operated fully on smaller yardings in New South Wales and Victoria.

Producers passed in lambs at Wagga as the restricted demand from buyers took the Eastern States Trade Lamb Index to 457c/kg on Thursday, down 13 cents on the day before, and the heavy lamb index lost 15 cents to 458c/kg.

Mutton prices were mixed across the saleyard centres with the index finishing on Thursdayat 333c/kg, down four cents.

Carcoar new season trade weight lambs fall $16-$20

In New South Wales at Carcoar’s CTLX saleyard on Wednesday, agents yarded 3315 lambs, 274 fewer, and 1700 sheep, 933 more.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service said most old lambs were dry in condition and competition was also weaker for the few pens of new season lambs.

New season trade weight lambs lost $16-$20 and sold from $104-$110, or around 420c/kg-461c/kg cwt.

Older lightweight lambs slipped $10 and trade weights lost $10-$12, to range from $75-$98 or from 392c/kg-410c/kg cwt. Heavyweight prices fell about $20 to $97-$99 for the lighter end and up to $122 for the heaviest, or 394c/kg-414c/kg cwt.

Sheep prices slipped $2-$5 with medium and heavyweights ranging from $48-$93. The better 2 to 4 score processing mutton made from 270c/kg-297c/kg cwt.

Lamb quality generally plain at Goulburn

In Goulburn on Wednesday, agents yarded 700 lambs, 200 more, and 300 sheep, after useful rain in the area.

The NLRS said lamb quality was plain, with just a few well-finished lots among a mixed offering of mostly lighter weights. There were a few well-finished heavyweights and a limited selection of new season lambs.

With a few buyers absent, competition weakened and prices averaged around $5 cheaper. One lot of new season trade lambs made $91, while restockers paid to $63 for light weights. Light processing old lambs (16-18kg) made $74-$78 and trade weights ranged from $83-$95. A few heavy lambs made $105-$111 while an exceptional pen of extra heavy weights reached $140. Most lambs ranged from 400c/k-440c/kg cwt.

Sheep prices were firm to dearer for a slightly improved selection which also attracted restocker competition in places. Light 2 score ewes made $20-$45, with medium and heavyweights $50-$80 or 250c/kg-300c/kg cwt. A line of longer-wool first cross ewes to a restocker made $94.50.

Fewer buyers operate on Wagga’s increased new season offering

At Wagga on Thursday, agents yarded 28,800 lambs, 7700 fewer, and 8500 sheep, 1050 less.

The NLRS said new season lamb numbers fell by 1000 to 14,450, but quality was excellent with more 21-25kg cwt lambs. The lighter end of 2700 pastoral Merino cross lambs from Wyvern, Hay, sold to strong competition from restockers for $59-$85.20. Old lambs were well supplied, but quality was much plainer with more holding longer wool in dry skins. The usual domestic and export buyers attended, but some did not operate fully, including on new season lambs.

The NLRS said light and medium new season trade lambs sold up to $20 cheaper, from $82-$110 or around 431c/kg cwt, resulting in several pen lots being passed in by agents. Buyers paid a premium for heavy trade lambs, 22kg-24kg, in full bloom and the better-finished lines made $110-$116 or 444c/kg cwt. The smaller number of extra heavy lambs sold to fluctuating price trends at around 406c/kg cwt.

Old lamb quality was very mixed with more longer-wool lambs in varying condition. Most well-finished medium and heavy old lambs made from $74-$110, with heavy trade lambs at around 399c/kg cwt.

Trade weight Merino lambs were in short supply, quality was fair and most categories sold up to $19 cheaper. A single pen of heavy Merino lambs estimated at 24kg cwt made $100 or around 353c/kg cwt.

The good selection of heavy and extra heavy old lambs sold to a smaller group of buyers, with prices up to $22 lower. Well-finished extra heavy lambs made $104-$129, or about 385c/kg cwt.

Most of the excellent quality mutton offering was heavy ewes. Heavy wethers sold from $90-$110, averaging 342c/kg cwt. Heavy longer wool ewes were keenly sought by a northern buyer, but prices still eased $8-$11 to average 316c/kg cwt. The trade sheep sold $4-$7 lower.

Sheep sell slightly dearer in Hamilton

In Victoria at Hamilton on Wednesday, agents yarded 1123 lambs, 562 fewer, and 1441 sheep, 615 more.

The NLRS said lamb quality was plain to average. A token field of buyers attended the sale as processors were keen to secure new season lambs and the small number of old lambs from southern areas were discounted. Old lambs sold mainly $10-$12 cheaper, with heavy weights most affected. Sheep prices were equal to mainly $2-$4 better.

Light trade weight 2 and 3 score old lambs sold from $65-$82 and the 3 score medium to heavy trade weights made $70-$90 or around 405c/kg cwt.

The heavy 4 score lambs lacked export enquiry and sold from $85-$98, with an extra heavy pen at $100 and overall at 375c/kg cwt.

Several pens of Merino wethers helped a run of 2 to 4 score sheep lift to an average of 310c/kg cwt. Light weight 1 and 2 score sheep sold from $48-$62, while medium weight 2 and 3 scores made $60-$78. The heavy to extra heavy 3 to 5 score sheep made $78-$98, with rams from $20-$44.

Best new season lambs at Horsham make $129

At Horsham on Wednesday, agents yarded 2521 lambs, 342 more, and 3646 sheep, 1290 more.

The NLRS said 1000 new season lambs were of average quality and not all the usual buyers attended or operated fully. Light trade new season lambs sold from $80-$105, with heavier weights selling from $102-$119 and export weights selling to $129, to range from 460c/kg-480c/kg cwt. Restockers paid $40-$68.50 for young lambs and to $76 for Merino ewes.

Lightweight old lambs sold from $53-$64, while light trade weights made $62-$78. Medium weight 3 and 4 scores sold from $86-$110 at around 400c/kg cwt.

Several pens of well-presented heavy Merino ewes and wethers sold to $94. Most Merino sheep were firm on last week, with some of the heavy crossbreds a little easier.

Light weight 1 and 2 score sheep sold from $42-$60, with very light 1 scores making $32-$45. Medium weight 2 and 3 score sheep sold from $62-$82 or 300c/kg-370c/kg cwt, to average 320c/kg cwt.

Heavy 3 to 5 score Merino sheep sold from $82-$94, with the crossbreds making $75-$85. Heavy Merino wethers sold $79-$90 to be a little easier, with the medium weights selling from $55-$65 or around 300c/kg cwt.

Source: MLA-NLRS


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