Demand lifts for increased online goat offerings

Sheep Central, June 6, 2022

These 1-6 year-old Boer cross and rangeland does sold for $182 on AuctionsPlus last week.

DEMAND lifted for the increased commercial goat listings on AuctionsPlus last month.

Following a quieter month in April, AuctionsPlus commercial goat listings reached 7069 head in May – up 21 percent on the previous month.

AuctionsPlus said widespread rainfall across southern Queensland and western New South Wales spurred demand for the offering, with the 95pc average clearance rate for the month easily exceeding the much larger commercial cattle, sheep and lamb results.

The listings were dominated by 3409 goats from southern Queensland and 1774 head from western NSW, with NSW’s north-west slopes and plains offering 715 head.

The biggest category was the rangeland does, with 2689 head accounting for 38pc of the total monthly offering. Prices for the category averaged $132 or 438c/kg lwt – up $12 on last month. Demand held strong across the category and a 93pc clearance was achieved. A highlight for the month included two even lines of 1-6 year-old does at Ivanhoe, NSW, totalling 1264 head. The 34kg lwt does averaged $126/head or 378c/kg lwt to a NSW buyer at Tindarey.

All the 1380 rangeland wethers offered were sold. AuctionsPlus sold 1380 6-8 month-old wethers averaging 18kg lwt in three even lines for an average of $112 or 620c/kg lwt.

Only 28pc of the 121 Boer bucks offered sold. Prices averaged $234/head or 634c/kg lwt – back $67/head from April. The 11 stud Boer bucks offered for the month achieved a 45pc clearance, and averaged $3,550/head.

AuctionsPlus sold 90pc of the 523 Boer does offered for an average of $337/head or 1112c/kg lwt – back $222 on last month. At Euabalong West, NSW, 14 four year-old does averaging 60kg lwt, sold for $303 or 503c/kg lwt to a NSW buyer at Boorowa.

The 1568 first cross bucks offered sold from $115-$142 and averaged $125/head, or 478c/kg lwt. At Morven in Queensland, 680 Boer/rangeland bucks, aged 6-16 months and weighing 22kg lwt, made $115 or 520c/kg lwt with a buyer at Longreach, Queensland.

AuctionsPlus sold 77pc of the 26 Kalahari bucks offered. The bucks sold in single lots on quality and breeding for from $1000-$8,500 and averaged $2285. The top price was paid for a nine month-old buck weighing 31kg liveweight at Childers in southern Queensland to a buyer at St George.

AuctionsPlus sold 94pc of the 18 Kalahri does offered for an average of $4020/head. AuctionsPlus said most of the catalogue lots came from a renowned stud selling females as unregistered commercial does. At Euabalong West, NSW, a line of eight 10-11 month-old does weighing 24kg lwt sold for $238, or 1204c/kg lwt, to a Queensland buyer at Gatton. Topping the category was a single nine month-old doe at Childers, Queensland, weighing 30kg lwt, that made $4960.


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