AuctionsPlus sheep and lamb selling heads into record territory

Sheep Central, March 23, 2020

ONLINE livestock selling platform AuctionsPlus is expecting to break records with its sheep and lamb offering this week as producers nationally move to capture current high prices.

And saleyards are continuing to also attract larger sheep and lamb yardings, especially in the south, with Ballarat’s agents tomorrow drawing for 37,200 lambs and 15,300 sheep.

AuctionsPlus chief executive officer Angus Street said last week’s AuctionsPlus offering of more than 123,000 sheep and lambs was its third biggest on record.

“We will have 100,000 (sheep and lambs) just for tomorrow’s sale.

“We will probably break the record for the biggest week this week,” he said.

AuctionsPlus sheep and lamb offerings have spiked in the past month.

Mr Street didn’t believe the large offerings were directly due to the coronavirus outbreak in Australia or the COVID-19 -inspired restrictions on public attendance at saleyards.

“What I think it is that there are great prices to be had in the market.

“I think there is some uncertainty around global demand and the impact of coronavirus globally,” he said.

“So potential there are some producers out there that are considering to sell earlier.

“But for me what is amazing and truly fascinating is that livestock is coming online; we probably would have got those stock anyway, we are just getting them a little bit earlier,” Mr Street said.

“I think it is just because of the confidence in the platform.

“People are getting good money, they are getting national coverage, it is the same old story that it has been for 20 years and particularly for sheep.”

Mr Street said AuctionsPlus now had to run store lamb sales every week.

“We are getting as many store lambs as we are sheep.

“Domestically, prices are good, there are a lot of sheep feedlots that were set up during the drought, prices for store lambs are really great and people just want to buy with confidence.”

AuctionsPlus ovine offering jumps by almost 50,000

Last week AuctionsPlus offered 123,127 sheep and lambs, an increase of 48,884 head. Numbers were boosted with 24,272 head offered in the WA Ewe & Lamb sale along with 4215 head offered in the National goat sale and the interfacing of 2,733 head in the Tumbleton North Flock Dispersal. The Central Western region of NSW dominated buying activity securing 14,688 head.

Merino ewe lambs sold from $131 to $227, averaging $181, down $10 on the previous week. From Wellington NSW, the top price was returned by a line of Brookfield blood ewes, May/Jun ‘19 drop, weighing 35kgs. Whilst from Warooka, SA a line of Orrie Cowie blood ewes, 7-10 months, weighing 47kg, returned $209. Merino ewe hoggets sold from $155 to $355, averaging $239, $12 up on last week. From Bordertown, SA a line of Ridgeway blood ewes, 20-21 months, weighing 65kgs and SIL to White Suffolk rams returned the top price. Whilst from Gilgandra, NSW a line of Grass, Weealla and Wyuna blood NSM ewes, 18-19 months, weighing 48kg returned $251.

Prices drop for young Merino ewes

Young Merino breeders (2-4 years) averaged $243, down $39, selling from $161 to $318. From Tilpa, NSW a line of rising 4 year old Collinsville blood ewes, weighing 56kg sold for $236. These ewes are SIL to Merino rams and are travelling over 930km to their new home in SA. Whilst a line of 2.5-3.5 year old Gullengamble blood ewes, weighing 64kg and SIL to Poll Merino rams, from Yeoval, NSW returned $303. Merino breeders (4+ years) sold from $156 to $303, averaging $228, $16 down on last week. From Brewarrina, NSW a line of Uardy blood rising 6 year old NSM ewes, weighing 59kg, returned $223. From Middle Creek, VIC a line of Wurrook and Glenpaen blood, rising 6 year old ewes, weighing 63kg returned $211. Whilst from Lake King, WA a line of rising 5 year old, Woolkabin blood ewes SIL to Poll Merino rams and weighing 64kg, returned $200 and are travelling over 3,000km to Nyngan, NSW.

Merino wether prices average up $3

Merino wether lambs averaged $147, selling from $100 to $194, up $3 on average. From Padthaway, SA the top price was returned by a line of watervalley blood lambs, Jun/Jul 19’ drop, weighing 50kgs. Whilst from Bungyuna, QLD a line of Aug/Sep 19’ drop, Karbullah blood lambs, weighing 26kg sold for $145. Older merino wethers sold from $125 to $175, averaging $155, up $8 on last week. From Longreach, QLD a line of Karbullah and Well Gully 3 year old wethers, weighing 52kg sold for $160 and will be travelling 2,000km to VIC. Whilst from Forbes, NSW a line of 18-20 old month old Egelabra blood hoggets, weighing 36kg sold for $163.

First cross ewe lambs sell to $353

AuctiosnPlus offered 3348 first cross ewe lambs last week and achieved a 72 percent clearance. Prices ranged from $140 to $353, to average $254, down $13. From Young, NSW a line of May/Jun ‘19 drop ewes SIL to Poll Dorset rams and weighing 69kgs returned the top price. Looking to Wallop, VIC a line of future breeder ewes, Jun/Jul ‘19 drop, weighing 56kg sold for $300. First cross ewe hoggets sold from $182 to $421, averaging $324. From Keith, SA a line of 21-22 month old hoggets, weighing 74kgs and SIL to White Suffolk Rams returned the top price. The older offering of first cross ewes sold from $154 to $382, averaging $268. From Mount Gambier, SA a line of rising 4 year old station mated ewes, weighing 70kg sold for $345. Whilst from Glen Innes, NSW a line of 5.5-7.5 year old NSM ewes, weighing 62kg returned $192.

Other highlights include a line of Aug/Sep 19’ drop Dorper future breeder ewe lambs from Swan Hill, VIC, weighing 32kg sold for $185 and will travel across the border into NSW. From Thallon, QLD a line of Australian White Cross NSM ewe lambs, Aug/Sep 19’ drop, weighing 34kg returned $171. Whilst from Binya, NSW a line of 19-20 month Dohne ewe hoggets, weighing 66kg and SIL to White Suffolks returned $351.

Looking to Tasmania, 100% clearance was achieved for the 1,742 head listed, 1,553 of which were crossbred lambs which sold from $162 to $166 and averaged $163. The top price was achieved by 131 Aug/Sep ’19 drop mixed sex lambs offered by A/c ‘Rockhill Estate’, weighing 39kgs. A line of 93 NSM Border Leicester/Merino ewes from Baden, TAS sold for $180, the ewes are 5 year old and weigh 57kgs.

Merino ewes make to $240 in WA sale

Elders agents from the west last week held their second online only sale for the year, with 24,272 head offered in the WA Ewe & Lamb sale. Highlights saw Merino station mated ewes averaging $240 selling from $145 to $240. The 6,584 head offering of merino wether lambs were in high demand achieving a 90% clearance, selling from $100 to $177, averaging $137, with local and NSW buyers competing for the offering. Whilst ewe lambs sold from $101 to $171, averaging $142 and selling to local, NSW and VIC buyers.

The Tumbleton North Flock Dispersal saw 2,733 head listed, also achieving a 100pc clearance. SIL Merino ewes sold from $312 to $400 and averaged $354, the top price being for 347 ewes that are SIL to Haddon Rig rams. Ewe lambs topped at $300, for 304 May/Jun ’19 drop future breeders, weighing 47kgs.

Store lamb offering increases

AuctionsPlus offered 19,972 store lambs last week, which sold from 376c to 627c to average 479c with a clearance of 81pc. Highlights included:

–              Aug/Sep 19’ – 27kg 2nd X White Suffolk mixed sex store lambs from WALCHA, New South Wales sold for $176 or 627c

–              Sep/Sep 19’ – 24kg White Dorper wether lambs from THALLON, Queensland sold for $136 or 576c

–              Sep/Oct 19’ – 1st X Poll Dorset and 1st X Charolais mixed sex lambs from MAFEKING, Victoria sold for $141 or 520c

–              Sep/Oct 19’ – 31kg 1st X Border Leicester/Merino store wether lambs from BANNISTER, New South Wales sold for $147 or 482c

–              Oct/Nov 19’ – 36kg Doper and White Dorper mixed sex store lambs from KEITH, South Australia sold for $160 or 466c

–              Aug/Sep 19’ – 40kg 2nd X White Suffolk mixed sex lambs from NEW NOEFOLK, Tasmania sold for $163 or 422c


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