Slaughter lamb prices surge as saleyard offerings dip

Sheep Central, 15 February 2017

LAMB prices surged in major saleyards his week, with strong domestic and export processor demand for reduced yardings in some big New South Wales and Victorian centres.

Extra heavy lambs reach record price of $256 at Ballarat as demand peaks

Sheep Central, 01 February 2017

LIMITED supplies of quality trade and heavy lambs are driving saleyard prices to record levels and increasing processor grid rates as domestic and export processors struggle to fill orders.

Trade and heavy lamb prices strengthen as Australia Day approaches

Sheep Central, 20 January 2017

TRADE and heavy lamb prices continued to strengthen mid-week, spurred on by domestic processors building Australia Day campaign supplies and keen exporters.

Season and lack of supply hits lamb contracts hard, forcing saleyard action

Sheep Central, 18 January 2017

LAMB processors hit by lack of contract supplies and quality have helped pushed prices still higher this week, building on a strong start in saleyards last week.

Lamb exports rise 3pc, while mutton slips 12pc for 2016

Jon Condon, 12 January 2017

A strong finish to the year saw Australia’s 2016 lamb exports rise 3 percent over the previous year, while mutton exports fell 12pc. Total lamb exports last year reached 242,285 tonnes shipped weight, up from 240,000t the year before. Last year’s trade was back slightly from 2014’s record volume, but 23pc higher than the five-year average.

Trade lamb prices under pressure, but light weights are in demand

Sheep Central, 09 December 2016

TRADE lambs continued to come under price pressure in some saleyards mid-week as the southern turn-off began to peak, with almost 60,000 lambs yarded at Hamilton.

Restockers apply heat as processors cool trade lamb rates down

Sheep Central, 07 December 2016

SALEYARD slaughter lamb prices fell further this week as the southern Victorian lamb turn-off started to peak, but restocker prices were firm to better.

AuctionsPlus’ record month boosted by ewes and restocker lambs

Sheep Central, 05 December 2016

A BIG weekly sheep and lamb offering has clinched a record monthly result for online saleyard AuctionsPlus of 341,791 head in November.

Processors pay more in saleyards as lamb grid rates fall

Sheep Central, 16 November 2016

LAMB prices lifted in saleyards yesterday as supply and market demand shifted back in the favour of producers and restocker competition continued to underpin light and trade slaughter rates.

Trade lamb prices stabilise as restockers chase ewes and store lambs online

Terry Sim, 14 November 2016

TRADE lamb prices stabilised firm to dearer in saleyard centres late last week, as the numbers offered declined in New South Wales, but increased in Victoria mid-week.